Shigmo spring festival cancelled in Goa due to the rampant rise in COVID-19 cases

Shigmo spring festival cancelled in Goa due to the rampant rise in COVID-19 cases

New guidelines have also been issued to regulate the celebrations of other upcoming festivals in Goa.

The Goa government on Friday announced that all float parades of the Shigmo festival have been cancelled in an attempt to arrest the spread and transmission of the coronavirus. "The state government will give compensation to the artists who take place in the annual Shigmotsov celebrations. The decision to cancel the Shigmo parades in the state has been taken to avoid further spread of the Covid-19," CM Sawant said. New guidelines have also been set for Holi, Easter, Eid and Shab-e-Barat in view of rising coronavirus cases in some of the neighbouring states.

Shigmo festivities permitted in temples

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While major festivities will remain cancelled, all traditional celebrations in the temples will take place without any hindrance. Shigmo festival parade is an event that showcases the folk art of Odisha and has been taking place in Goa, for the last 30 years.

According to the new SOPs, mass celebrations, congregations will not be allowed in public places, grounds and markets. Concerned authorities need to ensure that this is enforced with strictness here. At the same time, wedding and all other celebrations in Goa will be attended will a limited number of guests only to minimise the impact of a possible spread.

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