One of Goa's avant-garde art spaces, The Cube Gallery nurtures artistic aspirations & creations

One of Goa's avant-garde art spaces, The Cube Gallery nurtures artistic aspirations & creations

This gallery has been conceptualised and designed by a Los Angeles-trained architect, Sonny Singh.

The modern vibe of The Cube Gallery, located hardly 20 km from Panaji, is evident from its cubistic architecture which invites art enthusiasts to indulge in an experience of a lifetime. Igniting and supporting the creative nerve of the growing community of Goa-based artists, this gallery serves as an exhibition hall, holds events and acts as a soundboard for contemporary artworks. Forgoing a virtual visit to the traditional spaces that mark the landscape of this state, let's embark upon a creatively stimulating exploration of the chic and avant-garde interiors of The Cube Gallery!

A contemporary art space

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A modern space nestled in a sleepy Goan village, Moira, The Cube Gallery aims to bring artistic novelty akin to its design, to the forefront. Juggling between myriad art forms, this giant Rubik's cube-like structure acts as a conduit between the old and the new in the creative industry, by showcasing the talents of both established artists and newcomers. Further, the in-house clothing store, café, residency space and closed-door events have transformed this gallery space into a unique centre of creative exchanges.

Knock Knock

If you are looking to explore Goa beyond its history, sand beaches and fluid concoctions, then The Cube Gallery makes for a perfect start! You can book your tickets here for an evening well-spent amid picturesque hallways of this gallery and be assured that all covid protocols are being followed to ensure your safety.

Timings: 11 AM to 7 PM

Days: Wednesday to Saturday

Virtual Location: Facebook and Instagram

Location: Calizor Vaddo, Moira, Goa

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