The Park, Calangute- Where frolic meets poise!

The Park, Calangute- Where frolic meets poise!

The Park, Calangute is casual yet chic, relaxing yet vibrant and classy with a hint of earthiness classic example of a juxtaposed environment.

For the heart

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The artistic lobby with beautiful shell and glass installations on the white walls exudes the grandeur of the place. The rooms are thoughtfully decorated with a lot of use of mirrors. The door of each room has a life-size image of people of Goa from different walks of life.

The sun deck is the coolest part of the resort - the epicentre of all the events. Whether it is the everyday Sundowner or the hot Sunday bikini brunch, this area is thronged by party lovers. The mornings are very relaxing on the colourful beach beds by the huge pool.

For the taste buds

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A sun-deck bar ‘Peace’ overlooking the great Arabian sea & a multi-cuisine beach-side restaurant ‘Love’ is where your gastronomy desires would come true. Chef Prasad Dalavi will be more than happy to customise any dish as per your taste buds. The Chicken supreme tent is a must for spicy food lovers, Feni flambe tiger prawns and the mango cheesecakes are not t be missed too. Desserts here will take you to a new high of a sugar rush, especially the cheesecakes and the all-time favourite Tiramisu.

Sunday brunch

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If you are in goa on a Sunday, then The Park at Calangute should be where you are heading. The electrifying music, live kitchen and the karaoke ensures an unforgettable fun-filled afternoon.

Knock Knock

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Whether you are partying with your friends or holidaying with family, this is one resort which has something for everyone. The entire team here lead by Mr Saurabh Khanna are very warm and welcoming. The Cheesecakes and Tiramisu here are to die for.

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