This monsoon, witness Goa's true colours at the Sao Joao Festival 2022!

This monsoon, witness Goa's true colours at the Sao Joao Festival 2022!

You can also celebrate the festival on a cruise aboard the Santa Monica

Celebrate the onset of monsoon in Goa in Goan style! Imagine this: wearing a crown made of leaves and flowers called ‘Kopel’, sitting in the lap of nature, and witnessing the rich culture and heritage of Goa. Got the chills already, right?

So, get ready to witness one of the richest cultural experiences of Goa, the Sao Joao festival 2022, aka, the Monsoon Festival. The festival will kick off on June 24, marking the onset of the monsoon season.

Monsoon Means Fun & Celebration

Every monsoon, the Sao Joao is celebrated with grandeur and gaiety. The fest is dedicated to St. John the Baptist, and a common custom is for villagers to jump into wells, streams and ponds. This jump is to signify the joy that St. John felt when Jesus was born.

Signifying their unique culture, locals from Salcete, Anjuna and other talukas perform different types of folk dances and Mandos popularly known as Sangodds. Additionally, fruits and other eatables are exchanged between friends and families.

Witnessing an event like this is a treat for the eyes- watching Goans filled with enthusiasm and zeal, wearing crowns of leaves, carrying out processions, holding local liquor in their hands and reveling in the spirit of monsoon. All this is followed by an elaborate end ceremony, constituting a lavish feast of meat and seafood.

Celebrate Sao Joao festival in your own way

As expected during monsoons, this event is a major attraction for tourists. And if you want to be a part of this amazing fest, you need not necessarily celebrate it in traditional style. The influx of tourists has opened numerous opportunities to celebrate this festival in a unique way.

Various pool parties and private Sao Joao parties in Goa serve as a complete package of entertainment and joy. Popular Goan music bands and dancers perform at various locations and delicious Goan delicacies are served.

Proving the saying, 'Goa is India's biggest party place', one such event is being organised on the side lines of Sao Joao festival. The ‘SAO JOAO TAKEOVER’, Goa's biggest Dance & Music Pool Party at Indismart Woodbourne Resort on June 26 (Sunday). Witness the finest artists Skeletron, Tsumyoki (Gully Gang) along with Goa Trap Culture, Benz and many more.

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Other than this, one can also celebrate the festival on a cruise aboard the Santa Monica, a leisurely and aesthetic 5 hour cruise on the Mandovi river. The timings for the cruise vary, depending upon the weather. However, the basic run of the cruise starts at the Santa Monica jetty in Panjim at 10:00 AM, concluding at 3:00 PM.

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