File Photo: Goa Beach
File Photo: Goa Beach

Tourism department in Goa to strengthen measures to curb illegal activities on beaches

Goa government will take strict action against felons of unlawful conduct at beaches

The administration in Goa has decided to step up in its efforts to make the beaches in the state crime-free and tourist-friendly. For this, the tourism department will initiate a crackdown on all illegal activities along the coastline to revamp the face of state beaches as safe hangout spots for locals and visitors alike. The vision is to enhance the overall travel-Goa experience for all and prevent unfortunate cases of theft, con or other unlawful events here. These efforts will also play a key role in promoting the concept of clean beaches in the state, read reports.

For clean and safe Goa beaches

Goa Police for crackdown on illegal activities
Goa Police for crackdown on illegal activities

The Goa Tourism Department in association with the Goa Police will be taking charge of clean and safe coastline for tourists and travellers. The plan of action will cruise through a slew of beach cleaning drives along with the implementation of improved safety norms.

Under the scope of this scheme, the tourism department will be installing CCTV cameras at the beaches and shacks to boost surveillance and monitor discreet illegal activities. Strict action will be taken against perpetrators of crimes. Along with this, the department will also focus on preventon of unnecessary fines and harassment of visitors at beaches.

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