Unravel the Devil’s mystery, here at the eerie Devil’s Canyon in Goa!

Unravel the Devil’s mystery, here at the eerie Devil’s Canyon in Goa!

If you're in Goa and are looking for something exciting and offbeat, that's unlike most other tourist destinations, head over to the Devil's Canyon.

You're going to love the otherworldly vibe this place has and if adventure is what you are seeking, this place will surely send chills down your spine.

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What's in a few chills?

Well, in case you guys haven't already guessed, Goa's age old architecture is enough to really make one believe all the myths and ghost stories that go around town. However, the Devil's canyon is one place that actually has a pretty sound explanation behind it.

As per the lore, this was something of the Devil's lair. Here, it is said that he had control over all the natural reserves and was especially interested in the fish that bred in the waters. One fine day, a man fooled the Devil and stole all his fish, which threw the Devil into a fit of fury. It is believed that the place has been cursed ever since.

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Now, we're not the ones to pay heed to such lores but a visit to this spot, will really make you feel the eerie vibes that emanate from here. Apart from that, the physical appearance of the place itself is rather daunting. Since canyons are on the lines of being creepy, the story behind it is actually sort of freaky too.

Cut rocks, large alien like natural structures add to the vibes of the place and the fact, that there's a deep gorge with seemingly troubled waters, is something that makes the lore seem quite real. Since it is also very rare to spot a fish in the water bodies around, many people tend fall for the lore and not to visit the place altogether.

Knock Knock

Though a pretty place upon first glance, the atmosphere here is like something from another realm. Well, it's time to channel your inner Ghostbuster when visiting this area so that you can face the demons here at Devil's Canyon!

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