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Commonly referred to as Jungle Juice, Urak is the quintessential, hangover-free fluid concoction and it is a staple among Goans who are looking to beat the summer heat. Feni may be the most famous Goan drink but it is popularly believed that conversations happen to be more pleasant with the light-headedness induced by a glass of Urak. So if you are in Goa and wish to rejuvenate your soul, whether post-party or to escape the heat, then hop to the nearest wine shop or local pub for a refreshing sip of Urak!

Mix with Limca, lemonade or a splash of soda paired with lots of ice

Obtained after the first distillation of fermented cashew apple juice, the fruity and mild aroma of Urak really gives you the 'taste of summer'. Enjoyed almost every day since the beginning of March, till the first torrential showers grace the state, this beverage is an extremely economical brew with prices set as low as ₹100 per litre.

Urak is often mixed with Limca, lemonade or a splash of soda paired with lots of ice and it is the Goan way of enjoying humid afternoons and hot evenings. Also, it is a must-try elixir for every teetotaler, for this drink is your ticket to joining the summer revelry with your bunch of boozers and the best way to destress during a power-packed vacation.

Knock Knock

This smooth and blissful summer drink definitely adds to the list of the several pleasures that Goa has to offer. Remember the name of this crafty concoction and thank us later, when you are clicking Instagram worthy pictures with your glass of Urak and meandering the verdant lanes of this state!

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