Whispering Palms, Candolim- A home away from home!

Whispering Palms, Candolim- A home away from home!

It is the place for you if you are looking for a homely stay with 5-star service. Located towards the Sinquerim end of Candolim, this resort gives you a perfect mix of serenity and the Goa jazz.

For the heart

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A home away from home with the sea at a stone's throw away. Lazing around by the pool - the epicentre of the all day long party, enjoying the evening entertainment while sipping your drink followed by savouring on the lavish spread and then retiring to your cosy suite. This can be your cycle for all the days you spend here. The rooms are spread across landscaped gardens...some with a private balcony, some with a private lawn area and some with a pool view. Choose as per your liking and live in a fantasy world where you feel you are at home but you don't have to bother about your homely chores.

For the taste buds

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We were treated to an elaborate buffet, the Indian recipes were particularly good and the live grill is a showstopper. There's a one-time payment option where you pay once at the time of booking for unlimited food & drinks throughout your stay.

Chicken tikka and Gajar ka halwa are a must try here.

Knock Knock

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Their one-time payment program appeals to a lot of people on holiday. Eat unlimited, drink unstoppable and party hard without any extra charges. Gajar ka Halwa in the dinner buffet was a pleasant surprise. The one-time unlimited food/drinks option also includes alcohol....yes unlimited alcohol and food throughout your stay.

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