With stringent SOPs in place, cinema halls, pools & gatherings can now resume in Goa

Goa lifts restrictive curbs, authorises SOP for civic safety.

In an order issued in Goa on Saturday, the authorities have permitted all cinema halls, swimming pools, gatherings for religious, social, cultural, educational, entertainment and sports events to resume, under the strict surveillance of a preventive standard operating procedure. The directive details that all swimming pools can operate for training and sports purposes, whereas, cinema halls and all other events in Goa will function at half the potential capacity of the venue.

Strict SOPs to monitor relaxations in Goa


SOPs for various activities, including passenger movement by trains, flights, metro trains, along with guidelines for schools, educational institutions, hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, multiplexes and entertainment parks, yoga centres etc, have been listed out by the authorities. The circular has emphasised on the strict adherence to this preventive protocol to maximise the safety of the people, tourists in the state.

Categories vulnerable to virus susceptibility, including people above 65 years of age and children below the age of 10, those with comorbidities and pregnant women are urged to stay at home and not engage in business besides those deemed essential and urgent. With the addition of 115 new cases on Sunday, Goa's confirmed caseload surged past the tally of 47,804, with an active host of 1,327 cases. The state's recuperation rate has zoomed to 95.8% with 45,790 recoveries.

Knock Knock

The new relaxations have come after viewing the staggered rise in the number of new coronavirus cases, at 0.3% growth transmission rate in Goa. We request all our readers to comply with the state arrangements, guidelines and protocols to prevent themselves from contracting the infection.The efforts of the government will only be fruitful if the and the citizens show full cooperation. The coming together of the authorities and the citizens is the only way forward, if the threat is to be completely curbed in that state as well the country.

Kanpur Metro to witness dynamic growth; European Bank raises funds to a hefty ₹3092 crores!

Kanpur metro has already received the first installment worth ₹1767, second instalment approved

In a bid to develop the Kanpur Metro, the Central and UP state government had entered into an agreement with the European Bank to sanction an investment of ₹3092 crores. Out of this hefty funding, the Uttar Pradesh Metro Rail Corporation (UPMRC) has received the first instalment of ₹1767 crores which will boost dynamic development of the rapid transport system in the city. The Managing Director UPMRC reportedly stated that the second segment of the investment has also been approved in view of the swift establishment of the Kanpur Metro.

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Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary is your spot for a refreshing winter retreat from Lucknow

A picturesque portrait of nature amidst the chirping & twittering of birds, Nawabganj promises unmatched serenity.

Nawabganj Bird Sanctuary, one of the many wetlands located in Northern India is a top-rated attraction for all those who are fascinated by the bounties of nature. A picturesque portrait of nature amidst the chirping & twittering of birds, Nawabganj's unmatched serenity woos a lot of visitors, every year. Situated in Unnao, this place is dedicated to the flora and avian beauties, and those who love to be close to nature.

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Restaurants in Goa to be equipped with 'Biogas supply network' in a bid to boost sustainable dev.

The Biogas supply grid is being set up in Panaji by the city's municipal corporation.

Adding to the list of initiatives for building a sustainable future, the Chief Minister of Goa has announced that a few restaurants in the state capital would be equipped with the biogas facility. The Biogas supply grid is being set up in Panaji by the city municipal corporation, for which a matrix of a dozen biodigester plants has been installed in the city.

Free of cost facility at the initial stage


The Chief Minister informed that no fee shall be charged for the facility from the benefitted restaurants at the initial stage. "It is a new innovative system, where we will use the biogas generated by these biodigester plants and supply it free of cost to restaurants located near these plants at the initial stage," Sawant said. He further added that the city corporation's intervention is aligned with the Goa Government's sustainable development goals(SDG).

The CM stated that the restaurant owners will be advantaged by the new initiative in terms of reduced costs. The biogas will not only help in lowering the cost of LPG cylinders by half but will also provide added merits like minimized emissions. The biodigesters will produce clean and efficient fuel from food, vegetables and other organic material which are often wasted and thrown out in the open.

Goa to explore renewable energy sources for its growing power needs

Goa's government has requested the Union Ministry for New & Renewable Energy to conduct a feasibility study to explore the possibilities of setting up power production plants from renewable sources of energy. The proposal attempts to harness the state's full potential for environment-friendly methods of power production from sources like solar, wind, hydro, biomass, wave and tidal and storage of solar power.

While the state aims to execute more projects for achieving its sustainable development goals, the current initiative for accelerating usage of biogas can prove to be a game-changer in many ways.

Lovers of archaeology & architecture in Jaipur, Chand Baori is calling you right away!

Situated in Abhaneri village, this place is not very easy to find and that's what makes it one of the hidden gems of Rajasthan.

If you are wondering about time-travelling to some spot in history, we know a place that will surely have you thrilled! Located at a distance of 93 Km from Jaipur, Chand Baori is the perfect excursion spot for all lovers of archaeology & architecture alike. Chand Baori is an ancient stepwell that has been a witness to multiple dynasties. Situated in Abhaneri village, this landmark cannot be found easily which makes it one of the hidden gems of Rajasthan.

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Automatic metro to ply in Kanpur soon; carriages to arrive in the city by June

As per reports, the Kanpur Metro will be operational starting November 30, this year.

The Kanpur Metro has decided to commission automatic metro carriages soon, bringing the upgraded technology to the city. These trains are capable of regulating speed, stopping at stations and even opening doors, however, as per reports, these automatic carriages will be manned by a driver to shut the carriage doors at the closing hours. As per reports, the metro will make its maiden run in Kanpur along the IIT-K to Moti Jheel priority corridor, November 30 onwards.

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