Head to Bombay Brasserie’s Street Food Festival in Lucknow & indulge in a firework of flavours

Street Food is the best kind of food. This country lives on street food and to celebrate our obsession, Bombay Brasserie in Lucknow is throwing a month long Street Food Festival.

This festival is unlike any we’ve ever seen in the city as it is set to bring together street food from all over the country. Be it Kerala, Bombay, Calcutta, Benaras, Old Delhi, you can expect the best of street food from all your favourite cities to be at one place, which is- Bombay Brasserie!

Start your meal off with a Juhu Beach Gola which is a staple beach delight that you have to have, to find respite from your meal. Begin the gastronomical joy ride with Chinese Bhel- a North Eastern speciality popular in Bombay, Moru-Moru Chicken which is crunchy street fried chicken with South Indian spices and coconut dip or try the Thapa’s Chilly Paneer Pao, a Calcuttan speciality that comprises of spicy chilly paneer stuffed inside sweet Bombay Pao.

The complex confluence of flavours will burst in your mouth and take you on a journey through the streets of the country and leave you craving for more!

Keema Meat Tikki Kebab (Left) | Chaat Fries (Right)

Believe me, having a few dishes is not going to make the cut for a true blue foodie. We recommend trying the Salim’s Chicken Baida Roll to transport you and your taste buds on the bustling by-lanes of Mumbai or go for a more close to home experience, with the Keema Meat Tikki Kebab, a speciality of Aurangabad.

To all the vegetarian people out there- do try the Benaras Ghat favourite- Matar Stuffed Kulcha and Aloo Rasa and Khaugalli Veg Tawa Pulao which is tossed in Mumbai’s famous Bhaji masala.

And if you feel like sipping on something delicious, don’t worry the people at Bombay Brasserie have got you covered. In the spirit of the street food fiesta, they have brought us three different drinks. Kutchi Beer- a beer without beer made from yogurt, green chillies, cumin powder, black salt, mint leaves and coriander. Sharabi Thandai made from Saffron Thandai and Gin and Talli Soda made with a blend of Lemon Vodka and Ratsa Chaat Masala.

To round up the meal, have a uber delicious, satisfying Bombay Falooda with rose milk, falooda, sabja, chopped nuts and ice cream.

The street food festival has just begun and you have an entire month to make the most of it. Let go of your worries and indulge in a street food experience that will take you on a joy ride through the country. Happy Eating!

When: May 3rd 2019-June 3rd 2019

Where: Bombay Brasserie, Ground Floor, Rohtas Summit, Vibhuti Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow

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