No matter which part of the world you’re in, coffee is that one beverage which unites us all. We start our day with our cup of joe to wake up our insides, which then slowly preps us to face the world, one deadline, one imbecile, at a time! Coffee is not just a drink, it’s an emotion which runs through our veins and is thicker than blood because of the incessant number of cups we gulp down a day!

What would life truly be, without our hot joe beside us? From being our constant on stressful days to being our daily wake-up call, coffee is that one element which you can bank upon!

So keeping in mind our unanimous love for coffee, we’ve listed 7 facts about it which will enlighten you about your regular cuppa!

1. Coffee led to Divorces

In ancient Arab and Turkish culture, women were permitted to divorce their husbands if they didn’t like their wife's coffee or if they didn’t provide them with enough coffee beans for the household.

A dark roast right there!

2. Cat poop produces the most expensive coffee

‘Kopi Luwak’ is the world's most expensive coffee which is produced by a strange method! Civet cats are fed coffee beans and then Kopi Luwak is the result of the digested matter which they poop out.

3. Coffee is a Fruit

Of course y’all know that coffee beans grow on a bush and they’re actually the pit of a berry, which makes them a fruit. Also, coffee beans are only called 'beans' because of the resemblance but they’re actually berries!

Anyhow, technically, you’ve been drinking a fruit so if anyone tells you to cut out on the caffeine, just tell them that ‘fruits’ are healthy for us and coffee is actually fruit juice!

4. You can over dose on coffee too!

Although caffeine overdose is extremely rare, you can actually breathe your last with coffee down your throat! You would need to drink around 30 cups of brew in a short period of time if you’re tryna overdose lethally on caffeine. But why would anyone want to do that?! Being dead would mean NO. MORE. COFFEE. EVER!

There are also a few pieces of research which apparently suggest that coffee drinkers live longer than others and they’re immune towards certain diseases too!

5. Beethoven was a server’s worst nightmare

Beethoven loved his brew to be personal and he was extremely particular about its preparations! So if you were his barista, you would’ve had to serve him a cup of steaming hot java prepared with exactly 60 beans! Crazy right?!

6. Webcam owes its existence to Coffee

The first webcam was invented at The University of Cambridge because the folks on different floors were tired of checking up on the status of the office coffee pot! To let fellow colleagues know if the coffee pot was full or not, some Einstein-like peeps here invented the webcam!

The camera was placed at the ‘Trojan’ room which had the coffee pot and it would capture images thrice a minute! With some more of technicality, the images from the webcam would then reach their internal computer network!

Wow, that’s true dedication!

7. ‘Dancing Goats’ led to this invention

Legend has it that a goat-herder in Ethiopia accidentally discovered ‘coffee’ when he noticed that his goats were particularly energetic after grazing on berries at a specific site! He then passed on his new discovery to his fellow mates and long story short, that’s how coffee evolved.

Knock Knock

How many of these facts did ya’ know? Tag your coffee lovin’ friends and make their eyes go wide!

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