The first thing that comes to the mind of people when they hear about Lucknow is the mind-blowing food the place offers. A typical Lucknowite knows where to find the best and authentic Awadhi cuisine to flatter the taste buds.

If you are a Lucknowite there is no way you could have missed even one of the following names, that make Lucknow famous. Here are the names of delicacies that define our city and are loved by every Lucknowite:

1. Galawati Kebab

The cotton soft kebabs that melt in your mouth and the combination of paratha with it is what you need to make your stomach happy. These are the best kebabs and each and every person who has ever been to Lucknow knows the taste of these soft and rich kebabs.

2. Kulcha-Nihari

A dish that is purely Awadhi and tastes like heaven. All the non-vegetarians in the city know when and where to get the best Kulcha Nihari. The most popular place is chowk where you get all the mouth-watering dishes and a variety of flavours that can make your day.

3. Basket Chaat

The favourite fast food of many Lucknowites, Royal Cafe’s Basket Chat is the best way to experience a blast of flavours in your mouth. The sweetness and bitterness of fruits and your favourite chutney will make you a fan forever. You won’t be able to stop yourself from having it every day.

4. Makhan Malai

This winter delight can only be found in the streets of Lucknow. The mouthwatering and melting butter will make your winter evening a warm and tasty celebration. There is no other sweet dish that can compare to the amazing Makhan Malai in the winters. Lucknowites can travel to any corner of the city to have the best Makhan Malai in the freezing days.

5. Rogan Josh

No matter where you go, you will never find rogan josh as good as the city of Nawabs. The spicy curry and meat can be very good to your stomach but can be very hard on your pockets, because you won’t be able to have it only once.

6. Sheermal

This first cousin of naan is a little sweet and softer than any other. Best paired with kebabs and meat, this delicacy is like a celebration of culture and taste of Lucknow. The old Lucknow offers the best Sheermal and kebabs and it is worth all the pains, that you’ll face in reaching the spot.

7. Faluda Kulfi

You cannot call yourself a typical Llucknowite if you haven’t had the famous Faluda kulfi of the city. No other place can serve kulfi as delicious as we do in Lucknow. Summers here cannot be called complete without having the best Prakash Faluda kulfi.

8. Biryani

Of course, any such list can never be complete without the mention of Lucknowi Biryani. The variety of flavours and taste that burst in your mouth, right in the first bite, make every Lucknowite a biryani fan forever. Idris, Nausheejaan, Mashi and many other famous biryani joints in the city, offer biryani that you will remain in your mind forever.

9. Malai Gilori

If you have a fetish for sweets, then this is the best milk sweet you will ever have. The creamy taste will not only satisfy your sweet tooth but also make you want to make it at home and have it all the time. It is tender and has light sugar content compared to other sweets, which makes it everybody’s favourite.

Did you tally your checklist? If not, then do it right away and let the flavours of Lucknow leave you in awe of the unmatched taste.

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