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Though Indore is the cleanest city in the country, the town still lets out some amount of waste. Earlier, the IMC (Indore Municipal Corporation) had implemented a programme that allowed them to make use of the remaining waste and use it as a fuel to power the city’s activities. Since the programme was rather well received, the IMC is now planning to implement it on a larger scale.

A poster shared by the municipal Corporation to create awareness on waste segregation

What’s the update?

As part of the upcoming change, the goal of the IMC is to rope in a few private players. With the help of the private players, the IMC will set up a plant that can accommodate and convert 50 tonnes of plastic waste.

What’s more is that the plastic waste can be then converted into almost 30,000 litres of litres of fuel which will be beneficial for industries, factories and manufacturing units.

The facts

Currently, the plant that is being used by the IMC is capable of converting only 6 tonnes of waste into around 3,000 litres of usable fuel. Since the response at the pilot plant was very good, they are planning to expand it even more. This is certainly a step in the right direction as it will make the city not only cleaner than it already is but will also cut down on the usage of fossil fuels for daily activities.

To ensure that waste is properly collected from all places in the city, the IMC has taken several steps. They plan to implement door to door garbage collection policies across the city. Owing to this, the waste will directly go to the concerned authorities, meaning they can convert it into usable fuel in no time.

In the future, the IMC also has plans to give incentives to those citizens that give the most waste material. As of now, there are no specific details about that but once the waste management system is put in place, they could announce more details.

We are rather excited about the future of this management system and are hopeful that it kicks off well in the city. If the move proves beneficial, we hope that other cities take a leaf out of Indore’s book and implement a similar waste management system.

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COVID cases have surged by 46% in Indore

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