10,000 educational institutes in India adopt hybrid learning

10,000 educational institutes in India adopt hybrid learning

Now, blackboards and screens will co-exist in 10,000 institutes across India

As a part of the digital transformation mission, 10,000 institutions throughout India have implemented the blended or hybrid model of learning.

The hybrid learning system implies that while some students are present in person during the class, others are attending it virtually. To make this a success, the educators have employed digital engagement methods with a focus on a student-centered approach.

Mission by AICTE

The initiative has been launched by All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE), a national-level council for technical education.

AICTE is also providing training under a free certification programme to the heads of the institutions in the run. The body has asked the colleges to construct a whole-system resilience, suggesting some strategies that aid in creating such resilience - Collaborative Capacity-Building (where tech is used to support instructors) and Standardize Digital Platforms (to use an interactive and engaging environment with the students).

Benefits of hybrid learning

The AICTE Chairman shed light on how developing infrastructure is both complex and expensive. Hence, the resources that are already available to us should be adopted and utilised.

“The available resources must be used to their full potential. The greatest strategy is not to construct another institution or college; instead, we must implement hybrid learning."

AICTE Chairman Anil Dattatraya Sahasrabudhe

While Ali Sait, the CEO of Tech Avant-Grarde who is assisting in the trainings, expressed, "In hybrid learning, education will be redefined, instructors will discover their potential, learning will be accessible from anywhere, any time, on any device, and there will be only one degree between learning and education."

AICTE's hybrid model, adapted by the many institutes, combines the benefits of both in-school and remote learning. In addition to this, students and teachers will also become more digitally engaged. This is a solution to leverage learning and improve student-centered approaches.

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