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Struggling to maintain work-life balance during the lockdown? Here are 5 tips to assist you!

Don't forget to take these work-from-home habits back to the office when the pandemic recedes.

While remote work has its fair share of benefits, it is also ridden with struggles of managing both work and life and not being productive at either! This has resulted in the working section of the society losing touch with the simplicities of life or the ability to appreciate certain nuances, apart from being a victim to mental fatigue. So here is a list of 5 suggestions that will help you get back on the bandwagon of work-life balance as you work from home during this pandemic and the consequent lockdown.

Install your workstation in a separate room

With work culture changing rapidly with the times, it is important to have certain boundaries and that's why you should have a dedicated space for your workstation at home. Working in the same room where you sleep is allowing your work to intrude on your life, which can considerably damage the work-life balance you are looking to maintain.

Recreate the office cafeteria hours

​If not every day, then at least once a week you should catch up with your office buddies and recreate the cafeteria scene. Talking about work and other stuff with people who are sharing similar difficulties will create a sense of solidarity in you, while giving you a safe space to open up about your feelings.

Find productivity methods that suit you

Some people are productive when they get short breaks at regular intervals, while others like to complete all assigned tasks before taking any break, for then the brain doesn't have to adjust to 'work mode', again and again. Do what suits you best so that all your assigned tasks are completed within office hours and you have the rest of the day to yourself!

Spend some alone time post-office hours

Some alone time with your thoughts, after a hectic day, allows you to recharge your soul and organise your headspace. Further, this will also help in getting rid of mental fatigue that has become the new normal in this pandemic ridden world. So do ensure that post-office, you sip your tea as you sit on your balcony and reconnect with yourself!

Stick to a routine

Last but not the least, it is important to adhere to a routine that aligns well with your body clock- whether you are an early bird or a night owl! Use technology to your benefit, set alarms and reminders that ensure you eat fruits and exercise regularly. Also, this will make sure that you avoid cabin fever and enjoy your life the way you were before this pandemic took over!

Knock Knock

We all are hoping that this pandemic will be over soon and that our lives will return back to normal. However, there are certain things that should not change in the post-pandemic world and this list is a part of it. Take these work-from-home habits back to the office and you will surely have a positive work culture for yourself!

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