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School days are way more special than we could have imagined them to be during the course. We grow, move to colleges, then to offices and so on, but we never forget the days spent in our lovely school. Moreover we miss every element of our school irrespective of being a first or a last bencher. To some it's like a religion, they take pride in every element of their school. One such group of schools which are eye catchy, witty, sassy, close to perfection, unignorable; who have a class of their own – the 'CONVENTEES'.

To bring back the memories and outburst nostalgia, here are a few things that every 'conventee' would relate to.

Christmas Is Our Love

Christmas has, is and will always be our first love. From the days of kindergarten, December has always brought up excitement. Busy with Christmas preparations in this season, school has spoiled us. We always have high hopes with this holiday season. Yes there's Diwali, there's Holi and Eid but nothing compared to the belongingness, the fun loaded Christmas (Carols to Crypts) and the Easter days, we miss everything.

Moral Science and Cursive Writing (Ta-Da)

Science or Math won't scare the hell out of us, but this subject would. Each year we had the most valuable and diligent classes scheduled for Moral Science and the syllabus would have us pulling our hair apart.

Cursive Writing

And the most appropriate red-taped method to write was cursive, in fact we didn't know any other technique to swirl the ink on paper. (Argh! Won't ever forget those exercise workbooks during summer holidays)

We Are 'The' Grammar Nazi

We have a very prickly nerve for wrong pronunciation and grammar. We would not consider good looks a priority but good language sure is. You can't judge us on that. We are taught to do it and by that we don't mean fancy words.

Tales of Haunted Saints and Places

Something every 'Conventee' surely would have heard or done in their schools was spreading innumerable haunted stories of a saint in our school. And not just stories we also had a special inhabited place (most probably a graveyard) with legion of tales behind it.

High Uniform Standards

One thing convents are obsessed with is 'the uniform'. The tie should be perfectly in centre with those proud collars, sleeves are not meant to be folded half way and the skirts should not be above knee or below knee, it should be just mid-knee (remember how we used to prepare our uniforms during open houses, Oh! We will meet the boys and girls)

Oft-Time Prayers

It's not just morning prayers, but a prayer before each class, a prayer after each class, a prayer before recess and a prayer before home-time. Our days have gone praising the good Lord. You acknowledge that you have been a 'true conventee', if you still remember "Our father in heaven" (hands folded and eyes closed).

Dressing up like Sheep, Shepherds and Angels

No, it's not a fancy dress competition but our major skits which included these important characters. It was a proud moment to dress up like a sheep, shepherd or angel. If you were talented enough you got an opportunity to be Mother Mary or Jesus (Oh and remember the story of The Three Kings?)

We Are Socially Awkward

Thanks to all the stringent rules and immoderate sacredness for opposite gender, we have become socially awkward. Also, thanks to the social media we have accepted that men and women belong to same species (but trust me it has been a tough and desperate journey).

Zero Periods

Only we will understand the importance of a zero period and how useful they have proved to present a flawless show (pun intended). It was the best thing about annual functions, apart from being in the school premises during evenings.

From the mystery of sisters hairstyle to aspiration of being one, from Christmas celebration to school feast, from those alarmingly smart Saturday uniforms to casuals on special occasions, from friends forever to friendly teachers everything about school has been special. All would fade but not that extraordinary place in our hearts for our school.

Bringing the already brewed nostalgia to the brim, let's sing along,

“There shall be showers of blessing, this is the promise of love; there shall be seasons refreshing, sent from the savior above."

Article first published on by Vaishali Jain.

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