After Twitter, Meta follows: Rolls out Meta Verified subscription services

After Twitter, Meta follows: Rolls out Meta Verified subscription services

Meta Verified will initially be available only in Australia and New Zealand, as a trial.

A storm of social media platforms switching to blue tick subscription models is taking over. With Twitter being the first, Meta owned Facebook and Instagram will also begin testing with similar paid subscription services. These will be available for $11.99 (USD) on the web and $14.99 (USD) on iOS/Android, allowing users to verify their accounts and unlock a few more advantages. 

Meta Verified is all about increasing user authenticity, and ensuring security across Meta platforms, Mark Zuckerberg stated.

Meta Verified to roll out in Australia and New Zealand initially 

Initially, Meta Verified will roll out as a test in Australia and New Zealand. Users can get the blue badge with the help of a government ID and avail perks like impersonation protection, direct access to account support, and increased visibility and reach when it comes to their content. 

The purpose of Meta Verified stands to make things easier for creators, to establish a presence so they can focus on building their communities on Instagram or Facebook and sell exclusive content.

Additionally, accounts which are already verified on Facebook and Instagram would undergo no changes. Also, only users who are above the age of 18 years will be allowed to subscribe. So far, the subscription services are available only for personal accounts and not businesses.

However, it is not immediately clear at what price Meta will launch the verified services in other countries including India. Taking hint from the current pricing, Meta Monthly will cost around ₹991.23 ($11.99) on web and ₹1,239.25 ($14.99) on iOS/Android. It is yet to see how people from cash-based economies where they may have fewer ways to transfer money to Meta respond to the high pricing by this social media giant.

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