April 5 News Roundup | First woman to go the Moon, Apple retail store in India & more

April 5 News Roundup | First woman to go the Moon, Apple retail store in India & more

Catch up on the latest news and updates of international significance.

Alt Title 1: April 5 News Roundup | First woman to the Moon, Apple's first retail store in India & more

Alt Title 2: April 5 News Roundup | First woman to the Moon, WHO infertility rate report & more

From a giant leap for 'womankind' with Christina Koch chosen by NASA for its 10-day Moon mission to Apple expanding its presence in India with a new retail store, read on to know more about the latest trending news updates in our April 5 news roundup.

US recognizes Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of India, says White House

Amid the row surrounding China announcing changed names of territories in Arunachal Pradesh that come inside the Indian border, the White House has clarified it considers Arunachal Pradesh an integral part of India. The statement further added that USA unilaterally opposes any Chinese attempts to advance territorial claims inside India's borders.

Apple reveals 1st retail store in India at Mumbai's JWD Mall

In a bid to expand its market in the country, Apple has revealed its first retail story in India, coming up in Mumbai's Jio World Drive mall. The revealing of the new Apple store in India has come amid reports of layoffs in the company's retail units in the United States.

New Indian study shows covid infection accelerates dementia progression

According to a latest study conducted in West Bengal, being infected with Covid-19 accelerates the progression of Dementia. Furthermore, researchers also found that a type of dementia also showed changes with Covid-19, as two different types began behaving like mixed dementia.

UAE issues travel advisory amid Marburg virus outbreak in Tanzania

Amid an outbreak of the Marburg virus, which is a deadly disease like Ebola, UAE has issued an advisory to citizens, warning them against travelling to Tanzania and Equatorial Guinea. Global health organizations are also keeping a keen eye on the situation of the outbreak to determine its severity.

Rescue operations underway after 7 reported dead in Sikkim avalanche

Rescue operations are underway after an avalanche hit the Gangtok-Nathu La road on Tuesday. As of now, at least seven tourists have been reported dead while several are feared to be still trapped under the snow. The army, police and the state disaster management teams are engaged in joint search and rescue operations.

Infertility affects 1 out 6 people in the world: WHO

According to new report published by the World Health Organization, one out of six people globally are affected by infertility. The report also identified discrepancies in the accessibility of infertility treatment in different regions across the globe.

Astronaut Christina Koch to become first woman to go to Moon

Astronaut Christina Hammock Koch will become the first woman to go to the moon after being selected by NASA as one of the four astronauts aboard the Orion spacecraft for a 10-day mission around the moon. This NASA mission is the return of the humans to the Moon after over 50 years.

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