April 8 News Roundup | Hybrid solar eclipse on April 20, Global food prices & more

April 8 News Roundup | Hybrid solar eclipse on April 20, Global food prices & more

Catch up on the latest news and updates of international significance.

From global food prices declining for the 12th month running and a 'hybrid' solar eclipse to be witnessed, read on to know more about the latest trending news and updates in our April 8 news roundup.

Ningaloo, a 'hybrid' solar eclipse to be visible on April 20

A 'hybrid' solar eclipse named Ningaloo is all set to be witnessed on April 20, expected to appear like a small disk on the sun. The eclipse is named "Ningaloo" because it will be viewed best from Australia's Ningaloo Coast but it will also be visible for Indians to see.

Ice storm in Canada leaves over a million without power

A latest ice storm, which hit two provinces in Canada on Thursday, has left over a million residents without power while 2 deaths have also been reported. The storm in Canada hit Quebec and Ontario, which are the country's two most populated provinces.

Non-drug intervention for Alzheimer's effective and economical, find researchers

According to new research, non-drug interventions for treating Alzheimer's are a lot more effective and economical. These interventions include planned skill-building, providing more and more independence at home and care monitoring among others.

Top Ukrainian Minister all set to visit India on Monday

For the first time ever since the Russian invasion of Ukraine began last year, a top Ukrainian minister is all set to visit India. Emine Dzhaparova, Ukraine's first Deputy Foreign Minister, will visit India on Monday and reports suggest that she might be here to seek humanitarian aid.

Indian origin chef among those invited to King Charles' coronation

Manju Malhi, an Indian-origin chef in the United Kingdom, who is a recipient of the British Empire Medal for services to the community, has been invited to the coronation of King Charles III. Currently, Malhi is the resident chef for a senior citizen charity named 'Open Age'.

China launches military drills around Taiwan as response to US-Taiwan meeting

In the aftermath of the meeting between Taiwan President and US House Speaker, China has begun military exercises around Taiwan. It is noteworthy that Beijing had continued issuing thinly-veiled threats to Taiwan, trying to stop the latter from visiting the United States.

Global food prices decline for the 12th consecutive month, reports FAO

The Food and Agriculture Organization has reported a decline in food prices for the 12th month in a row. According to reports, this is the first occasion that food prices have gone down for an entire year across the globe.

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