Attention passengers! Railways cancels over 400 trains ahead of Holi

Attention passengers! Railways cancels over 400 trains ahead of Holi

Out of the 407 trains cancelled, 354 have been completely cancelled while 53 have been cancelled partially.

In a move that is expected to cause massive inconvenience for those travelling to their hometowns for Holi, the Ministry of Railways have cancelled 407 trains starting from February 27, most of which operate in the Eastern Railway Zone. Apart from the cancelled trains, 49 trains will operate on a diverted route while 25 have been rescheduled.

Inconvenience incoming for travelers to and from Bengal and UP

Travelers to and from Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Jharkhand and Bengal are most likely to suffer from hundreds of trains getting cancelled in the Eastern Railways zone as a majority in these states rely on railways as the most convenient mode of transport, with the railway traffic in West Bengal expected to be the worst affected.

Among the trains running through Uttar Pradesh, trains on the route from Lucknow to Patliputra and from Anand Vihar terminal to Gorakhpur and the express train running operating between Gorakhpur and Chapra have been cancelled, among numerous others.

Check train schedules to avoid inconvenience

To avoid last-minute inconvenience in their travel, all passengers planning to travel in the coming week are advised to be on their toes and check for route diversions, rescheduling and cancellations and inform their friends and family to do the same.

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