Citizens and Netizens react as tomato prices in India cross ₹100 mark

Citizens and Netizens react as tomato prices in India cross ₹100 mark

Tomato is an integral part of every Indian kitchen and the rising prices is a cause for concern for all.

Due to low supply caused by heatwave in some regions and heavy rainfall in others, tomato prices in India have shot up exponentially. Some government officials claim that the prices will soon come down but people are taking these claims with a pinch of salt. People's reactions, both online and offline, range from worried to hilarious.

Here's what the people had to say about over-the-top tomato prices

Speaking to Knocksense, Tabassum, a resident of Lucknow's Indira Nagar said that "tomato is eaten round the year and we can't just remove it from our kitchen because of the soaring prices. We hope the prices come down soon."

Usha Sharma, a Lucknow-based housewife, who resides in Vikas Nagar and is barely in touch with the news says "I was shocked to discover tomato prices touching the skies when I visited the local market to stock up on vegetables. So I went and purchased ready-made tomato puree, since that is currently cheaper."

Gaurav Tripathi, a bachelor residing in Lucknow who loves to cook on weekends holds a rather pessimistic view of the situation, saying that "I'll just stop using tomato until the prices come down. I don't think it's happening any sooner, though."

Twitterati sees the funny side! 

RVCJ Twitter

Just like the tweet you see in the picture, Indian Twitterati looked at the funnier side with witty tweets and memes. Netizens related the rising tomato prices to everything from Bollywood dialogues to viral memes.

On a serious note, the low-income households will be the worse affected by the rising tomato prices. But if the claims of govt. officials are true, we might soon see some relief with the prices coming down.

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