Elevate your Eid-al-Fitr celebrations with THESE homemade Feast Favourites

Elevate your Eid-al-Fitr celebrations with THESE homemade Feast Favourites

With the end of Ramadan and commencement of Lesser Eid just around the corner, this is the perfect time to break out the utensils and get cooking.

With Eid-al-Fitr just around the corner, now happens to be the ideal time to break out the cooking utensils because an occasion or festival is a reason to show your fabled flair at the art of cooking. And given that this is Eid, here are some festival specific dish suggestions you should certainly consider trying your hands at.

Galouti Kababs:

Ah, the intricate masterpiece that is Galouti Kababs! This is a must try for the more 'seasoned' professionals in the kitchen given that 'according to legends' it is said to be made with over 100 spices. Normally there are two ways you may have come across this delicacy, so ensure that the kababs are coin-sized as that remains faithful to the original creation.

Kakori Kababs:

Another delectable food item that one can try to make at home are the Kakori Kababs. These Kababs still manage to leave us in wonder due to its almost magical texture and flavour, which oddly stimulates effects similar to aphrodisiacs. This is a meat-based dish which gets its name from the Town of Kakori, where the Kabab itself was invented. This is often created using minced mutton, eggs, ghee, cinnamon and chickpeas.

Tangdi Kabab:

This is quite an interesting creation in Lucknow. The tangdi kabab is a name that quite literally translates to legs and Kabab. A relatively easy dish to make, the tangdi kabab is a grilled meat that consists of Chicken legs (or drumsticks) that are grilled in one of the following ways: in a tandoori oven, over a charcoal powered fire for that smokey flavour and texture, in a regular pan or in a conventional oven.

Mutton Stew:

An age-old classic of Awadhi cuisine. Usually there are two ways one might come across this dish, the correct way is where the gravy isn't very thick, rather, the stew is separated into 2 separate components, the gravy, which sits at the bottom, and the oil, which floats over the gravy itself. The dish itself is created using cut pieces of mutton, which are fried with dried spices and masalas, and then are simmered over a low flame until they are tender and moist, the liquids that are added in the process then become the gravy which encompass the essence of the dish itself.

Seviyan Kheer:

Honestly? Eid just cannot feel complete without some sweet dish, and what better dish to have than kheer made with Seviyan? This is a classic household dish during Eid or any festival for that matter, and the best thing is that this is relatively easy to make. The Seviyan is generally fried with driy fruits and is then combined with milk, cardamom and sugar, and to top it all off, a pinch of saffron is added to the mix which gives it a distinct, beautiful aroma that draws all who come across it.

Mmm, what's cooking?

The beauty of this list is that if your visitors have no dietary restrictions with non-vegetarian items, then they are absolutely bound to appreciate these efforts and one thing is for sure, some beatiful memories can be made over a meal shared with family and friends.

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