Catch the glimpse of some greatest modern art forms at the great Indian Art Fair

Catch the glimpse of some greatest modern art forms at the great Indian Art Fair

The event has already started and will continue to showcase the greatest arts till May 1

India’s one of the most celebrated events, the great India Art Fair began yesterday in Delhi. The paint has been scrubbed off the hands (or not), the rehearsals have been mastered, and the ground is set to showcase the biggest celebration of Indian and South Asian Art. So go on, save the dates for ‘this is your opportunity to engage with the best of contemporary and modern art from South Asia. The festival started on April 29 and will continue to showcase the greatest arts till May 1.

Here’s a glimpse of the wonderland inside the India Art Fair 2022!

360 minutes of requiem: Arpita Akhanda

Arpita Akhanda is a magician that works in various mediums including paper weaving, photography, performance, installation, drawing, and video work. In this performance, the artist will explore notions of nationalism, borders and partitions by deconstructing 360 feet of barbed wire fence over a 360-minute-long immersive performance staged over two days, allowing viewers to witness the hard work and labour involved in undoing historical and psychological barriers that have divided us for centuries.

Location: The Studio, April 29, 2022 & April 30, 2022, 3pm

Reflex by Hetain Patel

Hetain Patel is a visual and performing artist interested in connecting marginalised identities with the mainstream in an effort to destabilise notions of authenticity and promote personal freedom. He uses humour and the languages of popular culture to highlight familiarity within the cultures. Hetein's artwork also signifies the use of choreographed movements to explore his inherited family history.

Location: Auditorium, April 30, 2022, 5pm

BMW Art Talk by Atul Dodiya

One of India’s most distinguished contemporary artists, Atul Dodiya will be sharing anecdotes and lessons which have formed his extraordinary life and journey as an artist. This will be the first time an Indian artist will be the focus of the prestigious BMW Art Talk at the fair.

Location: The studio, April 30, 2022, 2pm


Renowned multimedia and NFT artist, widely known as ‘NFT-Punk’ Raghava K.K, along with Indian NFT platform and Tezos India will demystify the complexities around NFTs, enabling more people to make informed decisions while navigating the field.

Location: Auditorium, April 30, 2022, 4pm

Through their eyes by Raghu Rai and Emmanuel Lenain

The first Indian Magnum photographer Raghu Rai and the French Ambassador to India, Emmanuel Lenain will jointly discuss their book ‘To France in India’, a book capturing both countries through evocative stills. The book features photographs of India by the Emmanuel, and of Paris taken by Rai and is a result of shared passion and curiosity for each other’s countries and cultures.

Location: Auditorium, May 1, 2022, 4pm

The future is femme: Aravani Art Project

Aravani Art Project is a trans-women and cis-women led art collective which aims to create a collective space with the people from the transgender community by engaging them in public art and other interventions. In the IAF, Aravani Art Project will present a 50-feet long mural depicting a vision for a gender-free and inclusive world. It imagines what it looks like to live and love freely, celebrate oneself and nurture a community that thrives on openness and care.

Location: India Art Fair (IAF) ground

The change is yours

Young artists and collectives like Ayesha Singh from (Art Chain India), Kriti Sood is a Founder and Director of LAND (Learning through Arts, Narrative and Discourse) Poornima Sukumar and Sadhna Prasad from the (Aravani Art Project) and Shilo Shiv Suleman, an award-winning Indian artist will speak about the importance of peer-support and creative sustainable art platforms.

Date: May 1, 2022, 2pm

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