IAMAI forms India EdTech Consortium to ensure e-learning platforms use fair business practices

IAMAI forms India EdTech Consortium to ensure e-learning platforms use fair business practices

Leading Indian EdTech companies like Byju's, Careers 360, Vedantu and other firms have become a part of the India EdTech Consortium!

In an attempt to protect the rights and interests of consumers, the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) announced the formation of the India EdTech Consortium (IEC) on Wednesday. Reportedly, leading Indian EdTech companies like Byju's, Careers 360, Classplus, Doubtnut, Great Learning, Harappa, Times Edutech & Events Ltd, Scaler, Simplilearn, Toppr, Unacademy, upGrad, UNext Learning, Vedantu and WhiteHat Jr have become a part of the newly formed self-regulatory body.

Mission to establish a common code of conduct

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As per the IAMAI, the vision behind the conceptualisation of this consortium is to ensure strict adherence to a common code of conduct by these learning platforms. Apart from this, by becoming a part of this consortium, all the companies have committed to establishing a two-tier grievance redressal mechanism as well.

In line with the government's latest advisory, this body will make sure that each learner receives the quality of education that was promised to them by these learning platforms. The mission is to make quality and affordable education accessible to all deserving consumers, read the press release by IAMAI.

Protecting learners in the online education ecosystem

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Shedding some light on the same, Subho Ray- the president of IAMAI said, "The formation of this self-regulatory body is an important step towards protecting learners as more and more students, teachers and stakeholders are becoming a part of the online education ecosystem".

Talking about the EIC and Byju's, Divya Gokulnath, the co-founder of the world's highest-valued ed-tech startup said, " We are completely aligned with the government's principles on safeguarding consumer interests and welcome the creation of guidelines that help students reach their learning goals in a manner that makes them future-ready and conceptually strong".

Vamsi Krishna, Co-Founder and CEO of Vedantu, added, "While business growth is critical, so is consumer protection since this will allow students and parents to make more informed decisions about the future.".

HRD ministry urges parents to avoid automatic payment option

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Notably, this announcement comes at a time when various complaints against ed-tech companies were coming to notice. In a notification issued last month, the Ministry of Human Resource Development said, "Some ed-tech companies are luring parents in the garb of offering free services and getting the Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) mandate signed or activating the Auto-debit feature, especially targeting the vulnerable families".

"The parents, students and all stakeholders in school education have to be careful while deciding on opting for online content and coaching being offered by a host of ed-tech companies," added the HRD ministry.

Meanwhile, in order to distinguish free services and paid features on these learning platforms, the HRD ministry has advised parents to avoid the automatic debit option for payment of subscription fees. This will help them in making informed choices by avoiding any unwanted subscription plan.

-with inputs from IANS

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