Providing a holistic approach towards menstrual hygiene, Avni by Sujata is your ideal period buddy

Providing a holistic approach towards menstrual hygiene, Avni by Sujata is your ideal period buddy

Revolutionizing this period of time, Avni by Sujata is here with promises of a guilt-free monthly experience!

Due to a ruling string of social, cultural and religious restrictions and practices, menstrual hygiene management is still a pressing issue in this era. All such notions birth misconceptions and irrational fears, which further deter a major chunk of menstruating genders from trying out alternative products for their menstrual hygiene, in place of their patent sanitary napkins.

So with promises of a guilt-free period, Avni by Sujata is aiding people in finding a convenient replacement of the conventional disposable products, which contain baleful plastics, artificial fragrances, adhesives and other toxic elements. Talking about period positivity, Sujata explains the 'need' of Avni and if you're someone who has been looking for alternatives to pads, you must read below to know more!

Eco-conscious & sanitation-worker friendly menstrual hygiene products

Avni translates to 'Earth' and it is a symbolic personification of the mother of all life forms. This brand aims to assist anyone who has been trying to transition comfortably to a more sustainable, low-waste lifestyle and what better way than starting with the regular sanitary pads which produce colossal tons of plastic waste each year?!

Avni's mission towards forging a 'healthy, inclusive, equitable and sustainable world' is at the heart of every step they take and their specialisation in alternative menstrual products are aligned to empower waste pickers while also promulgating sustainable menstrual practices.

A few of the products amidst their refreshing range include the Avni Ezeepad, Avni Safepad and the Menstrual Cup and they also have curated a Go Green Period kit, which helps to keep your intimate area away from unnecessary exposure to synthetic ingredients. Further, packaged and shipped 100% plastic-free, Avni's products limit chemical exposure and simultaneously, reduce the waste burden on earth as well.

A holistic approach towards menstrual health via Avni

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Sujata, a healthcare executive, marketing professional and the brain behind Avni, stated, "I started my first period with regular homemade cloth pads. Later in school, I had to shift to using disposable sanitary napkins sold commercially. While using the latter was convenient, and I stuck to it for many years, sanitary pads would often cause discomfort in the form of rashes and redness. That was one of the reasons that pushed me to look for better alternatives." After in-depth research, she found out about the harmful effects of using sanitary napkins over time and how they can cause irreversible damage to one's reproductive system as well.

She further added, "Conventional disposable pads often use non-biodegradable materials, but additionally, the common use of several chemicals and artificial fragrances can disrupt the hormonal balance and natural microflora of the vaginal area. The plastic used on the top of these pads can also cause irritation and rashes in sensitive areas.

All our products come with an open-label, which makes them transparent- people easily get to know what all components have been used. With each item, we try to do a bit more than what the product is actually supposed to do. For instance, the Safepad protects you from leaks and relieves you from wetness and additionally, it also protects you from infections. Each pad has three layers of leak-proof and stain-resistant fabrics, that allow rapid absorption for 4 to 6 hours. Also, in contrast to the regular cloth pads, Avni's pads take only 5 to 10 minutes to wash and 4-5 hours to dry and lasts for 3 years.

This is something that no other pad brand can claim. Similarly, we use organic cotton for Ezeepad and the disposable bags come with a red dot, which signifies wet trash. This prevents the sanitation workers from being exposed to period waste and although it is a small step, it is our way of helping others around."

India's FIRST Period Helpline: An unexampled support system for all menstruation-related queries & assistance

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Avni's team understands that choosing the correct menstrual products can be daunting and to make the process easier, they have come up with Avni Period Helpline. You can connect with them at +91 9930446364 and an 'AvniBuddy' will reach out to you for further assistance. Their network includes experts including paediatricians, educators, gynaecologists, psychologists, amidst others, who are ready with all the insights that you need for healthy dialogues around your menstrual and sexual health.

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