Over 2.4 lakh new COVID cases reported on Wednesday, India's active tally crosses the 11-lakh mark

Over 2.4 lakh new COVID cases reported on Wednesday, India's active tally crosses the 11-lakh mark

Intensifying the threat of the Omicron-triggered third wave of coronavirus, a total of 2,47,417 people in India tested COVID positive on Wednesday

Intensifying the threat of the Omicron-triggered third wave of coronavirus, a total of 2,47,417 people in India tested COVID positive on Wednesday. Witnessing a significant spurt of more than 50,000 cases as compared to the new cases detected on Tuesday, India's active caseload has crossed the 11-lakh mark now, said the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare on January 13.

Nationwide weekly positivity rate climbs to 10.80%

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As per the health bulletin released by the Ministry, with 11,17,531 active COVID cases across the country, the current caseload accounts for 3.08% of the total positive cases recorded in the country ever since the beginning of this pandemic. At a recovery rate of 95.59%, the country marked a recovery of 84,825 patients on Wednesday, suggest reports. With the addition marked on January 12, the cumulative tally of recovery in the country has climbed to 3,47,15,361 cases.

Amid the instantaneous resurgence, the weekly positivity rate in India has gone up to 10.80% whereas the daily positivity rate was fixed at 13.11% on Wednesday. Meanwhile, 380 fatalities due to COVID were marked in the country on the same day taking the total death toll to 4,85,035.

Focus on increasing vaccination coverage

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With the emergence of Omicron, the highest transmissible variant of coronavirus, many states across the country started noticing the rise of the third wave. According to official data, this 'Variant of Concern' has marked its presence in as many as 28 states and Union Territories in the country. So far, 5,488 people have tested positive for Omicron in India out of which 2,162 have recovered and been discharged from the hospitals as well.

According to reports, ever since the outbreak of the pandemic, India has conducted more than 69.73 crore tests to detect COVID across the country. Out of this overall tally, 18,86,935 tests were conducted on January 12 alone. Apart from this, as per the data available on Thursday morning, the countrywide vaccination coverage has reached 154.61 crores. Under the ambit of the ongoing vaccination drive, more than 76 lakh doses of vaccines were administered on Wednesday.

-with inputs from IANS

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