Furthering its expansion plans, IKEA leases two floors at R City Mall in Mumbai's Ghatkopar!

Furthering its expansion plans, IKEA leases two floors at R City Mall in Mumbai's Ghatkopar!

As per reports, this space will be used to open India's second city-centre store in the financial capital of the country

Moving on with its expansion plan in Maharashtra and India at large, the Swedish furniture giant IKEA has leased two floors in Mumbai's R City Mall for the next 9 years. The new IKEA showroom is set to come up in an area of more than 1 lakh square feet in Ghatkopar. As per reports, this will be India's second city centre store in the financial capital of the country.

Offering authentic IKEA experience for compact urban spaces

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Generally located in the outskirts, IKEA is famous for its large-format stores sprawling over 400,000-500,000 sq ft. However, following its long term commitment to the state, the Swedish furniture giant has come up with city stores built on the lines of Paris, Moscow, Vienna and Shanghai stores. Notably, upon completion, this city store will become the second one of its kind in Mumbai as well.

After launching two flagship stores in Hyderabad and Navi Mumbai, IKEA had finally set its foot in Mumbai by opening India's first city store in Worli on December 9. Unlike the traditional big blue box stores of IKEA, this pack and parcel home furnishing centre is a compact space spanning over 80,000 sq ft. The aim behind establishing small-format stores is to suit compact urban spaces and offer the authentic IKEA experience and services to a wider customer base in the city.

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