Attention Cinephiles! Indus Valley International Film Festival 2020 is starting this October

Attention Cinephiles! Indus Valley International Film Festival 2020 is starting this October

This is the 2nd season of South Asia's 1st Borderless Digital Film Festival.

SAFACH (South Asia Forum for Art & Creative Heritage) is presenting to us, South Asia's first-ever borderless digital film festival which is slated to be held from the 2nd till the 10th of October. Indus Valley International Film Festival (IVIFF) is a passion-driven venture; a celebration of the art and craft of cinema, like no other. This year will be the 2nd season of IVFF and it will include film screenings, workshops, masterclasses, interaction with celebrities, concerts, an award ceremony and so on. The registered participants will get access to all of these offerings during this 9-day long festival.

IVFF will be inaugurated with an opening remark by eminent Indian filmmaker, R Balki and the first film to be showcased will be his own project, Padman. This festival will also witness a premiere of a film by Rajat Kapoor– 'Kadakh', on the 3rd of October. Indian theater and film actor, Vinay Pathak, has been assigned as the master of ceremony who will be taking you on a 'filmy' journey worth remembering.

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The line-up of movies which are set to be exhibited are sourced from various South Asian countries so you can expect diversity at its best here. Movies like The Birth Land, Bijli, Anaagat, Paangshu, Suparna and Ho Mannn Jahan amidst others, will be up for screening. These have been selected from countries like Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka and Pakistan, respectively. The directors and producers of these projects, will also be enlightening everyone with insights like never-before. Short film too, will be put up for viewing.

Another internationally award-winning feature documentary film from Pakistan- The Walnut tree, directed by Ammar Aziz will be blazoned at the fest and the actors too, will be present here for interactions. The latest Indian feature documentary film, The Windfall of Grace, which is based on Neem Karoli Baba, will be screened at the fest for the public, first time ever.

You can even take part in a workshop related to script writing, fiction and documentary filmmaking, by Brahmanand S. Singh, who is a national-award winning filmmaker and author. There'll also be panel discussions on various subjects, one such topic, 'Portrayal of LGBT in Cinema', to be attended by filmmaker Onir and producer Sanjay Suri.

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Harsh Narayan, the founder, was quoted saying, " My idea behind this film festival is to focus on 'Creativity for International Relations & Social Change', fostering the idea of putting 'Cinema as a form of Dialogue'; to investigate if cinema and exchange of creative ideas can help in building communication links in the sub-conscience minds of common people.

I believe, at the darkest of times its propagation and practice of creative arts, which can bring solace in the lives of people. Art can help heal the wounds, connect people on emotional space and help them mitigate all challenges in the pursuits of creating a peaceful, mutual-respectful and a humane society."

IVFF is a one-of-its-kind platform, set-up to help the film fraternity from across South & South-East Asia to network, seek collaborations, co-produce and rise together in this field. They also provide internship opportunities for young film aspirants, so that they can acquire a first-hand experience before delving deep into this discipline.

Dates and Timings: 2nd to 9th October, 2020

Platform: Digital

Contact: +91 9013445455 (WhatsApp only) /

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