Nita Ambani launches 'Her Circle', a women-centric social media platform to celebrate sisterhood

Nita Ambani launches 'Her Circle', a women-centric social media platform to celebrate sisterhood

Her Circle is a desktop and mobile-responsive website where the participation for registered users is entirely free.

Nita Ambani, the Chairperson of Reliance Foundation, marked the occasion of International Women's Day by launching 'Her Circle'- "an empowering and comprehensive content, social media, and goal-fulfilment digital platform for women". With the belief that wonderful things happen when women support women, this social media platform provides a personal and exclusive space to women, to connect and collaborate irrespective of their social and ethnic backgrounds. Consequently, Her Circle aims at becoming a digital collective of empowered women who empower other women!

Helping each-other in shattering glass ceilings

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Aimed at synergising women's power with the power of digital revolution, this first-of-its-kind app provides opportunities to women across the globe to connect, engage, collaborate and uplift each other.

Her Circle has been designed as a one-stop destination to provide women-focused content, which will also act as a personal space for women to know the nitty-gritty of topics ranging from work to creativity. Further, it will also provide women with answers from Reliance's panel of experts on health, wellness, education, entrepreneurship, finance, philanthropy, mentorship and leadership.

The content, from videos to articles, is open to all but the social networking platform is open only for women as this social connection platform aims at providing women with a safe forum to make new friends and talk about shared interests. It will also be host to confidential chatrooms where women can freely pose their questions on health and finance matters. Although it has been launched in English initially, the audience base will be expanded soon, by releasing it in different languages.

Envisioned to be a worldwide digital collective of women, this digital platform will cater to the rapidly rising aspirations, ambitions, dreams and competencies of women belonging to all cultures, communities and countries. Available as a free app on Google Play Store and My Jio App Store, Her Circle is a desktop and mobile-responsive website where participation for registered users is entirely free.

Empowered women, empower women!

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As a daughter who grew up in a family of 11 girls, Nita Ambani has been surrounded by strong women from whom she has learnt compassion, resilience and positivity and this experience powers her belief that incredible things can happen when women lean on women, read reports.

Knock Knock

A welcome initiative from Reliance Foundation, the CSR arm of Reliance Industries Limited, Her Circle is leading the way in creating an exclusive, personal and safe digital space for women to connect and fraternize. In its wake, this innovative aim will surely help in defining the statement- 'celebrate her success without questioning your own'.

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