Indian company Flatheads becomes first in the world to create shoes from banana stem fibres

Indian company Flatheads becomes first in the world to create shoes from banana stem fibres

Fashion that is sustainable, smart and spectacularly cool!

One of the most innovative footwear companies in the country, Flatheads has revolutionised global fashion by creating, what they claim, is the world's first shoe made out of banana stem leaves. This innovation opens a new dimension in the world of men's footwear segment and aims to create a balance between design demands and responsible consumption. Pointedly, each of shoe designed by Flatheads is sustainable, subtle, smart and spectacularly cool!

The shoe-stopper!

The Flathead ideology is to create breathable shoes. Which means, that the materials used for building your footwear are innovative, organic, breezy and fit for urban lifestyle or vigorous use, especially in tropical areas. The shoes are crafted to keep your feet, both comfortable and cool.

While the banana stem fibre is their newest invention, the range already boasts of shoes made out of Natural Bamboo Fiber and Aerflo Technology to keep the material breathable. Besides, the design catalogue is diverse too, featuring shoes with cushiony-soft PU foam insoles, shock and water resistant EVA soles, one time lacing technique, snug fitting heel closure and a lot more.

If you don't have Flatheads, go for long walk! 

They say, if you wish to judge a man, look at his shoes. Flatheads too, believe in the same to essentially make shoes that are a lifestyle choice. Each product is carefully researched on, from material to design, colour and sole to offer a product that is not only for you feet but life.

The reimagined approach aims to add a lot more functionality to your footwear, adding value to not only your sense of fashion and comfort, but also how you consume new-age products.

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