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Join hands with Project Global Cure today & contribute towards a disease-free human race!

Join the #ProjectGlobalCure initiative today to facilitate affordable medical assistance for each individual.

While the coronavirus pandemic has been relentlessly cruel for each one of us, this dark hour has outlined people's benevolence, compassion and regard for human life as a silver lining. The perils of this virus may have compelled us to keep a six feet distance from one another but it surely has brought us together, united against a common enemy. And this is your chance, to join the pioneering force of Project Global Cure, to resolve the coronavirus woes and help facilitate medical assistance for each individual.

Standing together against the Coronavirus

Project Global Cure is India's first 'COVID Relief Fund Campaign' and it seeks the support of each individual to relay affordable and easy medical benefits for all, with the long-time agenda of building a disease-free human race. This forum, along with the Milaap platform, was the first pandemic support agency in the nation and now, you too can join their #ProjectGlobalCure initiative to create a stronger force against the virus.

This agency has so far supported nearly 41,000 families across India by coordinating collaborative efforts. Relief was endorsed for these beneficiaries via multiple food drives and various direct and indirect respite programmes. Help was harnessed through every possible direct or indirect means, with the help of project partners and other patrons. Amenities and aids were also provided to remote places through local vendors who extended the delivery chain and supported in penetrating even into the rural scapes.

It's a long road to recovery & you can accelerate the drive!

The second wave of coronavirus has shaken us and the challenges are mounting with each passing day. This is exactly where you come into the picture. Your help, no matter its degree, is significant and is the only possible way to win the war against COVID-19. It is time we expedite our journey towards recovery to beat this vile pandemic.

This is an appeal to each individual to come together and build our defence against COVID-19. You can lend out your support via donations, which would be used to arrange for food supplies, oxygen supply, medical amenities, ambulance and other transport facilities along with mobile as well remote medical setups.

You can donate now at and jump the wagon of #ProjectGlobalCureSavingIndia to help save lives amid this grave emergency.

Project Glocal Care: Donation

Check out their Youtube and Facebook handles here.

Lucknow's CSIR-CDRI plans to conduct a state-level serosurvey for COVID antibodies!

CDRI has set up a 'Unit of Excellence in Virus Research and Therapeutics' to study the prevalent virus and its strains.

In a move to better gauge the state of the pandemic, Lucknow's CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute has decided to augment the scope of COVID serological survey to cover the entire territory of Uttar Pradesh. This assessment is conducted by testing the samples of random individuals for the presence of COVID antibodies. Now, the top-notch research centre has asked the administration to provide more samples, so that a state-level evaluation can be conducted.

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