Know all about the new AI-based tech that prevents road accidents by alerting drivers

Know all about the new AI-based tech that prevents road accidents by alerting drivers

The Advance alert system can alert the drivers 2 seconds prior to the accident, offering them a chance to prevent the same

In a bid to make driving on roads a breezy affair, iRASTE a project developed by IIT-Hyderabad is a unique AI-based approach to ensure a safe driving experience. The tech makes use of the predictive power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to identify accident-prone areas on roads. It also comes with a revolutionary collision alert system to timely alert the drivers.

Predictive technology to detect accident-prone spots

iRASTE, short for 'Intelligent Solutions for Road Safety through Technology and Engineering' will reportedly, identify and recognise accident-prone areas and scenarios while driving a vehicle. It comes with an ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) that also helps alert drivers about the potential risks comming ahead.

The revolutionary system will also identify ‘grey spots’ with the help of data analysis and mobility analysis by continuously tracking and monitoring dynamic risks on the road network.

You might be wondering...

What are grey spots?

As the name suggests, grey spots are areas on roads, which if left unaddressed and unattended, could turn into black spots (locations with fatal accidents).

Apart from this, the revolutionary system also recognises and corrects existing road black spots. Continuous monitoring also works well for preventive maintenance of road. At present, the project is being implemented in Nagpur under the auspices of IIT-Hyderabad and Nagpur Municipal Corporation.

Other than this the state of Telangana is also in talks to apply this technology in its fleet of buses. The project will further be expanded to Goa and Gujarat soon. Once implemented the innovative project is set to be a game-changer for the Indian roads.

The VMI of Road safety

The project is the application of advance technology that ensures holistic approach towards road safety. With an aim to add a layer of protection to the Vehicles on the road, its mobility and the road infrastructure.

Vehicle Safety: The Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) installed in the vehicles can alert the driver 2 seconds prior to the accident, offering a chance to save lives.

Mobility Safety: The system will prevent black spots before they claim lives. Continuously monitoring dynamic risks on the entire road network for preventive maintenance.

Infrastructure Safety: The project additionally aims at ensuring better Road Infrastructure (RoI) by continuously monitoring developments, road blockages and black spots.

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