Kuno National Park in MP set to welcome a dozen more cheetahs this Saturday

Kuno National Park in MP set to welcome a dozen more cheetahs this Saturday

Cheetahs that were introduced earlier last year are in healthy condition and are even actively hunting their own prey.

Last year, the first batch of 8 African cheetahs was introduced in the Kuno National Park of Madhya Pradesh. Constituting a total of five females and three males, the felines were outsourced to the country from Namibia under India's ambitious Cheetah re-introduction programme.

As per the present report, the cheetahs at Kuno park have now been released from their quarantine enclosures, are actively hunting their own prey and are in a healthy condition. Also, their movements are regularly tracked through radio collars.

Incidentally, an MoU for the acquisition of another batch of cheetahs was also signed with South Africa. Under this, a total of 12 felines will be brought to Kuno park in Madhya Pradesh this Saturday.

Action plan for the translocation of cheetahs

Reportedly, out of the 12 cheetahs, 7 males and 5 females will be translocated to the Kuno park of Madhya Pradesh from Gauteng, South Africa.

For this, a team of experts has been sent through the C-17 cargo aircraft of Indian Air Force (IAF) to transport the cheetahs from the O. R. Tambo International Airport, Gauteng, South Africa.

Following their arrival at the Gwalior Air Force Base of Madhya Pradesh, the cheetahs will be transported further to the Kuno Sanctuary via IAF's MI-17 helicopters.

Similar to the previous batch, the 12 cheetahs will also undergo a period of quarantine in dedicated enclosures for which the arrangements have already been made. Throughout this process, the health and wellbeing of the felines will be closely monitored by experts, ensuring a safe transition into their new environment.

More about MP's Kuno National Park

Spanning in an area of 6,500 sq. km., the Kuno park of MP is a most suitable place for the re-introduction of cheetahs. Not only is the nearby area devoid of any kind of human settlements, but also has a natural presence of Savanah shrubs and grasses, ideal for acclimatization of the wild cats.

Additionally, along with suitable strategies in place, the sanctuary can easily support about 20 cheetahs, which can even be expanded to 40 in total.

A crucial element for the successful re-introduction of these felines is consistent and reliable access to prey species, which may include chital, chousingha, chinkara, hare, or wild pig.

Kuno National Park in MP set to welcome a dozen more cheetahs this Saturday
Cheetah Translocation project set to motion with relocation of 5 Cheetahs to Kuno National Park

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