IKEA's new shopping app opens the door to refined luxuries from the comfort of your homes!

IKEA's new shopping app opens the door to refined luxuries from the comfort of your homes!

The furnishing giant has launched the app for customers across THESE six cities of India.

Blanketed by the uncertain times of the ongoing pandemic, our homes have evolved to take multiple roles from being a workspace to a school. In a bid to satiate the amplified furnishing requirements of our habitats, the global retail company IKEA has launched its virtual shopping app for customers in Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Baroda. Started by the Swedish multinational company, the software will bring the shopping complex to the comfort of homes, just a click away!

App launched for both IOS & Android users

Developed to cater to both the groups of android and IOS users, the application will encapsulate an extensive range of well-crafted, prime quality, economical and durable home furnishing products, It is expected that the new retail avenue will ignite creativity and innovation in homes across all the six cities. Coupled with personalised suggestings, user reviews and product ratings, the app would provide a comprehensive shopping trail. Additionally, the enhanced levels of searching and browsing options will facilitate the customers to bring home the best and the most-suited accessories.

The app would provide an interface based on user interests and requirements and there is also a provision of discounts for IKEA family members. It has been stated that the app would permit customers to fill their online carts while physically browsing through the centres. Further, the built-in barcode scanner shall help in navigating to the record of information related to the materials and the size of any specific product.

Contactless 'click & collect" service from Mumbai & Hyderabad stores

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Kavitha Rao, Country Commercial Manager, IKEA India said, "We are very excited to announce the launch of IKEA app for the many people in India. From bedrooms and kitchens to other home decor requirements, customers will be able to search, explore and fulfil their home furnishing requirements at their convenience."

She added that the app has been floated to make sure people engage in secure shopping experiences from their homes when health and safety have become major concerns of the present day. With the initiation of this e-commerce platform, IKEA moves ahead in its goal of making every day a better experience for its customers.

Apart from safe delivery to doorstep, customers can also choose the alternative of click and collect and pursue contactless shopping from stores in Mumbai and Hyderabad. With aim of augmenting its digital presence, IKEA envisions serving around 100 million people in the coming years.

- With inputs from IANS

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