Looking for ways to reverse diabetes with lifestyle changes? iTHRIVE is here to help!

Looking for ways to reverse diabetes with lifestyle changes? iTHRIVE is here to help!

Read on to know how diabetes can be treated or avoided completely!

A health and wellness start-up, iTHRIVE is now here to heal all those mental and physical health issues you've been facing. If you've had troubles with your health and want to get rid of those medicines, or if you're struggling with some issue for a long time and don't know how to finally overcome it, iTHRIVE is here with its expertise to stand with you and get you through it all!

As per the well-known start-up, you can beat chronic health diseases without any sort of medication! If you've been looking for ways to reverse diabetes, iTHRIVE is here to make you stick to a healthy regime and guide you on the pathway to freedom!

A functional nutrition coach can help you make huge strides!

Did you know that the diabetic population in India is somewhere close to hitting 69 million by the year 2025 and 89 million by 2030?

To tackle the data and make more people aware of how the disease can be reversed, iTHRIVE starts easy. They collect a comprehensive blood report of the patient, compares it to the optimal ranges which then show the root causes of diabetes. These causes, or underlined issues, are what would have triggered diabetes.

iTHRIVE then works on the food, lifestyle changes, supplementation, functional movement, meditation, and other holistic practises with the patient! They also offer numerous tips. For instance, did you know you can add certain herbs like GABA, Berberine8, Fenugreek seeds9, Vijaysar, Salacia Chinensis (Saptrangi)13, Aegel Marmelos (Bilwa)14, and Syzygium Cumini (Jamun) in your diet? They're as effective as the medicines given to diabetic patients, suggests iTHRIVE nutritionist Krishna Mesta.

A diet encompassing the accurate form of carbohydrates and right amount of protein to keep blood glucose levels in check also makes a huge difference. Yet again, here is where a functional nutrition coach offers great help.

Similarly, a balanced intake of fats could prevent comorbidities such as heart diseases, obesity and more, adds Mesta. He also strictly advises against skipping meals.

Understand your types

Firstly, iTHRIVE suggests the patient to understand the type of diabetes he or she is suffering from. Post that, specific treatments apply.

In case the person has Type 1 diabetes, wherein the pancreas in unable to produce sufficient insulin, collaborating with a doctor and a nutrition coach is advised. The herbs mentioned above also play a vital role.

However, if it is Type 2 diabetes, certain lifestyle changes can be of vital help. Any physical activity of minimum of 30 minutes is advised. Consuming a minimally processed whole food diet is also an added benefit.

Are you existing or are you thriving?

However, of course, as you already know prevention is much better than cure. Proper sleep, daily physical exercise, avoiding seed oils, and managing stress are some of the factors you can practise on a daily basis in order to keep the disease at bay!

If you do need any help with a personalised plan or a functional nutrition coach, you know iTHRIVE always has your back! For a better life, check out iTHRIVE here.

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