Maharashtra's Ellora Caves to become the first monument to get a hydraulic lift

Maharashtra's Ellora Caves to become the first monument to get a hydraulic lift

As proposed by ASI, small lifts will be installed at Ellora's Kailash Caves.

India's own marvel and UNESCO heritage site Ellora Caves is now all set to become the country's first monument to be equipped with a hydraulic lift.

If you did not know, Ellora Caves, with its 34 caves, remains as one of the largest rock-cut temples in the entire world! The megalith in Maharashtra is a quintessential rock-cut splendor of Indian architecture. Of these 34, cave number 16 or Kailash Caves will get small lifts installed on its two sides. As proposed by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Maharashtra's Ellora caves will become the first heritage site to get hydraulic lifts.

Installation of hydraulic lifts

Kailash Caves, a double-storey structure of Ellora Caves, offers breathtaking views from the top and requires a staircase or ramp for the same. To ease the mobility of tourists, the ASI has proposed to install small lifts or hydraulic lifts, besides the already set ramp and staircase.

Superintendent archaeologist of Aurangabad circle Milan Kumar Chauley reportedly stated, "The ASI has been undertaking several projects to make Ellora Caves, which is spread across a stretch of 500 metres, more tourist-friendly. These projects are either in the process of being sanctioned or being executed."

"There will be no construction activity for installing these lifts. The mechanism will be small with 9 square feet area, in which a person in a wheelchair can easily go to the first floor," an official stated.

The higher authorities have approved of the project, he added.

Flight to the 1st floor

With this move, the remarkable Ellora Caves, renowned for their distinct architecture, sculptures and size, are all set to become the first world heritage site in India to have its own lift facility.

Soon you can get to visit the historically rich heritage site with a flight to the first floor through the new hydraulic machinery!

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