March 14 News Roundup | Asia's first woman loco pilot, Russia-Ukraine war and more

March 14 News Roundup | Asia's first woman loco pilot, Russia-Ukraine war and more

Catch up with the latest news and updates of national and international significance.

Updates from Russia-Ukraine war and rise in acute respiratory infections in West Bengal to a groundbreaking IIT Kanpur study in Nature Geoscience Journal, read on for the latest news and updates from across the globe.

US, UK and Australia sign deal for nuclear-powered submarine

In an attempt to counter the mounting Chinese aggression in the Indo-Pacific region, USA, UK and Australia have signed a deal for a nuclear submarine. As part of the agreement, US will sell three Virginia-class nuclear-powered submarines to Australia by early 2030s.

Surekha Yadav becomes Asia's first woman loco pilot

India's first woman train driver, Surekha Yadav, now has another accolade to her name. The inspirational Surekha piloted the Vande Bharat express from Maharashtra's Solapur to CST on March 13, becoming Asia's first woman loco pilot.

India biggest arms importer between 2018 and 2022

In spite of the 11% drop in its arms buying from 2013-2017 numbers, India has remained the world's biggest arms importer in the world between 2018 and 2022, according to a SIPRI study. Furthermore, Russia still remains the biggest supplier of arms to India, followed closely by France.

No more compensation for victims of Bhopal Gas Tragedy: SC

In some bad news for victims of Bhopal gas tragedy and their kin, the Supreme court has rejected center's 2010 petition for increased compensation for victims. The top court has told the center that Rs 50 crore lying with the RBI should be used to assail the claimants appeals.

Over 12,000 acute respiratory infection cases in WB in 2 months

West Bengal has witnessed over 12,000 cases of acute respiratory infections (ARI) in the last two months. Furthermore, 19 in the state have died of adenovirus infection but the rate of daily admissions to hospitals due to respiratory infections has come down from 800 to 600.

Russia-Ukraine war: Death count rises as Battle of Bakhmut rages on

Heavy loses are being reported on both sides as the Battle of Bakhmut goes on as the Russia-Ukraine war reaches day 384. Amid reports of Russian forces seeing over 1,000 casualties, Ukrainian first lady has pleaded for more weapons to aid Kyiv's attempt to counter the Kremlin offensive.

IIT Kanpur's study on biomass emission features in Nature Geoscience Journal

An IIT Kanpur study attempting to identify reasons behind nighttime pollution in New Delhi featured in the Nature Geoscience Journal. The study has identified biomass burning emissions as one of the leading causes of nocturnal pollution in Delhi during winters.

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