March 15 News Roundup | New FIFA World Cup format, cyclone in Malawi and more

March 15 News Roundup | New FIFA World Cup format, cyclone in Malawi and more

Catch up with the latest news and updates of national and international significance.

Read on to find out all about the new FIFA World Cup format, the new sphinx statue discovered in Egypt and a slew of other news updates from across the globe in our March 15 news roundup.

India dispatches humanitarian aid to Afghanistan

India sent the fourth consignment of wheat to Afghanistan weighing 2000 metric tonnes, via Pakistan on Tuesday. As part of the country's efforts to send help to the Afghan people, India has now sent a total of 8,000 metric tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan in recent months.

US Senate to vote for nomination of Eric Garcetti as new US Envoy to India

Former Los Angeles mayor, Eric Garcetti, is inching closer to becoming the next US Ambassador to India. The senate will be considering a 'cloture motion', which is the final step before all the senators put in their final votes on Garcetti's nomination.

Death count crosses 200 as 'Storm Freddy' blazes through Malawi

Eastern Africa's Malawi has declared a 'state of disaster' as the tropical cyclone named 'Storm Freddy' has hit the country for the second time in a month. The city of Blantyre, known as Malawi's commercial capital, has seen the highest number of casualties.

New FIFA World Cup format to add 40 games in 2026 tournament

FIFA World Cup 2026, hosted jointly by the USA, Canada and Mexico will have 12 groups of 4 teams each in the group stage as opposed to the 16 groups of 3 teams each. This new FIFA World Cup format will take the number of group stage matches from 64 to 104.

US blame Russia for spy drone crash over black sea, Moscow denies

A US spy drone crashed into the Black Sea and Washington have said it was caused after a Russian jet hit the drones' propellor. Moscow, on the other hand, has denied all reports of any such collision, terming the entire issue as an attempted 'provocation' on the part of the USA.

2000-year-old smiling Sphinx statue discovered in Egypt

A sphinx statue was discovered inside a multi-level tomb in Southern Egypt's Dendera Temple. The smiling sphinx statue, which also has a dimple on its face, is thus far thought to be belonging from the Roman Era, dating back to somewhere between 41 AD and 54 AD.

McMahon line recognized by USA as int'l India-China boundary

The US senate has passed a bipartisan resolution that recognizes the McMahon line as the international boundary dividing India and China. The resolution is opposed to China's stand and accepts Arunachal Pradesh as an integral part of India.

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