May 30 News Roundup | India extends aid to Sri Lanka, JioCinema breaks streaming record & more

May 30 News Roundup | India extends aid to Sri Lanka, JioCinema breaks streaming record & more

Catch up on the latest news and updates from across the country.

From JioCinema's IPL streaming record to India's urban unemployment rate going down, read on to know more about the latest trending news and updates in our May 30 news roundup.

Increase in ₹500 fake currency notes detected in FY23

A 14.6% increase has been registered in the number of fake ₹500 notes in the Financial Year 2023 as compared to the year previous, as per Reserve Bank of India's Annual Report. Furthermore, the report found a steep decline in fake ₹2000 notes during the same period.

Electric 2-wheeler that charges in 12 minutes launched in India

Battery technology startup Log9 Materials has joined hands with Quantum Energy to launch Bzinesslite InstaCharged by Log9, an electric two-wheeler that gets charged in 12 minutes. The vehicle also comes with a slew of other qualities like quick acceleration, multi-theft alarm, and more.

India to sustain growth momentum in 2023-24, says RBI

The Reserve Bank of India, while calling for structural reforms to tackle geopolitical challenges, has said that India's growth momentum will continue in 2023-24. It must be noted that India's inflation trajectory is also expect to come down to 5.2% from last year's average of 6.7%.

JioCinema breaks world record with 3.2 crore viewers for IPL final

Thanks to IPL 2023's popularity, JioCinema has broken the record for the most concurrent views during a live-streamed event, with 3.2 crore viewers watching the game between CSK and GT at a time. It must be noted that this is the first time that IPL was streamed for free in India.

India's Urban unemployment down to 6.8% in Jan-March 2022-23, says report

The urban unemployment rate in India was recorded at 6.8% during the Jan-March of 2022-23, which was significantly lower than previous year's rate of 7.2%. This reduction in unemployment rate has come in spite of the increase in the labour force participation rate.

Rupee plummets ₹7 to close at 82.70 against US dollar

The Indian rupee went down by 7 paise to close at 82.70 against US dollar on Tuesday amid a strong trend backing the American currency. Furthermore, a solid domestic equities trend along with a sharp decline in crude prices capped the losses for the domestic currency.

India extends $1 bn credit line to Sri Lanka for another year

In an attempt to help Sri Lanka emerge from the unprecedented economic crisis it is going through, India has decided to extend its $1 billion credit line to the neighbouring country by one year. Regarding the extension, the State Bank of India (SBI) signed an agreement with the Sri Lankan government on Tuesday.

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