New AI App 'Snakebite Assistant' launched to combat snakebite epidemic in India

New AI App 'Snakebite Assistant' launched to combat snakebite epidemic in India

Closing the gap between snakebite prevention and understanding.

An AI-based app called 'Snakebite Assistant' has been launched in India to bridge the gap between prevention and awareness of snakebite cases. The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute developed this app to assist in identifying the appropriate course of action in the event of a snakebite and to increase public awareness about snakebites.

Regional health connectivity through app

In India, snakes are a major source of conflict between humans and wildlife, leading to over 58,000 deaths each year. Many of these deaths could have been prevented if there was more awareness among medical professionals and the general public, particularly in rural areas.

Utilizing a large database of venomous snakes specifically found in the Indian Subcontinent, the Snakebite Assistant offers unique insights to take corrective measures. The app helps the victim identify the culprit snake and connects the victim to the nearest medical facility equipped with proper treatment.

Empowering people to tackle snakebite emergencies

The lack of knowledge and awareness among the masses is one of the major causes of snakebite deaths in India. Equipped with all the necessary information in the field, the app will empower communities to take control of their own health and safety. It will also allow medical professionals and trained staff to provide better care to those in need. By having access to relevant information and resources, communities and medical professionals can make informed decisions and take action to protect and improve the health and well-being of those around them.

The app is equipped with features like games to increase awareness, regular notification on global development in snakebite management, snake-specific symptoms, dos and don'ts for tackling snakebite cases, and real-time guidance for first responders.

The app's database is updated in real time and can be accessed even in offline mode aiding remote connectivity. The app is free to download on the app store and play store.

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