News Roundup | IMD predicts milder winter, advisory against painkiller 'Meftal' & more

News Roundup | IMD predicts milder winter, advisory against painkiller 'Meftal' & more

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From ISRO being confident about making India's first space station a reality to IPC issuing a safety alert against the commonly-used painkiller named 'Meftal', read to know more about the latest trending news in our December 7 news roundup.

India all set to build world's largest renewable energy project

Reportedly to be named 'Khavda Renewable Energy Park', India is all set to complete the world's largest renewable energy project in the coming three years. The project will be built in the salt desert that separates India from Pakistan.

India's first space station unit might become a reality in 5 years

After the public release of India's space roadmap for 2047, ISRO is now confident about building India's very first space station within the next five years. Apart from this project, ISRO also has a slew of lunar missions planned in the near future.

India planning to discourage ethanol production to ensure sufficient sugar supply

To ensure sufficient supply of sugar in the market, India is now planning to discourage the use of sugar for the production of ethanol. It is noteworthy that the production of sugar in India is already expected to stay below normal levels, due to insufficient rainfall across states.

IMD predicts milder winter in India between December 2023 to February 2024

The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted the winter to be milder than expected, between December 2023 and February 2024. Furthermore, the cold wave intensity and frequency have also been predicted to be much lower than usual this winter.

Exports in India's Goods sector surpasses services for the first time ever

According to an official statement by the government, exports in India's goods sector have surpassed that of the services sector for the very first time. The data revealed that the exports in the goods sector stood at $453 billion, while the same for the services sector stood at $309 billion.

IIT Delhi and Kaspersky join hands to boost cybersecurity talent in India

The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and cybersecurity major, Kaspersky, announced a collaboration today, i.e., Thursday. The partnership is aimed at supporting and encouraging the growth of cybersecurity talent in India.

Alert issued against ill effects of painkiller 'Meftal'

The Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission (IPC) has issued an official drug safety alert against the adverse effects of consuming the commonly-used painkiller 'Meftal'. Healthcare professionals and consumers alike have been advised to keep an eye out for any encountered ill-effects.

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