India's Omicron tally reaches 3,071

India's Omicron tally reaches 3,071

Maharashtra tops the list with 876 cases

On Saturday morning, the Union Health Ministry confirmed that 64 fresh infections of the Omicron variant were detected in the past 24 hours. This brings up the national tally to 3071 total cases so far. Notably, out of these, 1,203 people have recovered from the new strain. Till now, the infection has spread to 27 states and UTs. Maharashtra and Delhi continue to be the worst-hit in the country.

Check state-wise case breakdown below

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Following are the number of Omicron cases reported in each state so far:

  • Maharashtra- 876
  • Delhi- 48
  • Karnataka-333
  • Rajasthan- 291
  • Kerala-284
  • Gujarat-204
  • Telangana-123
  • Tamil Nadu-121
  • Haryana-114
  • Odisha-60
  • Uttar Pradesh- 31
  • Andhra Pradesh-28
  • West Bengal- 27
  • Goa-19
  • Madhya Pradesh-9
  • Assam-9
  • Uttarakhand-8
  • Meghalaya-4
  • Chandigarh-3
  • Jammu and Kashmir-3
  • Andaman and Nicobar Islands-3
  • Puducherry-2
  • Punjab-2
  • Himachal Pradesh-1
  • Ladakh-1
  • Manipur-1
  • Chhattisgarh-1

A word of caution

With the third wave spreading its wings in India, experts have claimed that it should be assumed that the Omicron is the dominant strain now. Detection of the highly-transmissible variant requires genome sequencing, which is time-consuming. Hence, the reported numbers only show a small amount of the actual spread of the infection and should be taken as such.

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