Pasta, Garam Masala & more: Here's how to make a festive rangoli with items available at home!

Pasta, Garam Masala & more: Here's how to make a festive rangoli with items available at home!

All the tools and ingredients for your unique rangolis are at your home.

Come Diwali, Rangoli with its colorful flamboyance, adds a vibrant touch to our lives. There's no better way to welcome prosperity into our homes than a beautifully designed Diwali Rangoli.

That's why, every year on the Festival of Lights, we scour the internet for Instagram-worthy rangoli designs to adorn our homes. And to help you with all the information in just one place, we have got some rough-hewn tips and ideas!

Make a stunning Diwali Rangoli using the tools and ingredients you have at home. BTW, we've also added some intriguing rangoli patterns for your inspiration-

Recipe for your rangoli? It's all in your kitchen!

The kaleidoscopic Indian art, Rangoli, typically involves using colour powders, flower petals, and dried leaves. But, did you know there are several other items that can be used besides these traditional ones?

Your Diwali rangoli can easily be created with ingredients like turmeric, grains, crushed chalk, and even spices like garam masala that you can easily find at home. As you read on, you'll be surprised to see that you can make your rangoli with Pasta, as well. Yes! You read that right.

Wise use of tools for the most innovative Rangoli

So, there’s no need to scurry to the market splurging on tools for your Diwali rangoli, you just have to scout around for them at your own home. For instance, you can use stuff like bangles or bottle caps for drawing circles while forks, toothpicks, and earbuds can be used for the finer strokes.

Furthermore, you can use pepper and salt sprinklers for designing dots and circles. For these purposes, paper-made cones or a hand sanitizer bottle can also come in handy. Utensils like spoons can also be put to great use to give the finishing touches to your rangoli.

Play with colors as much as you can!

While making a small Rangoli using items readily available at home, wise use of colours is key to making it as appealing as possible. The use of bright colours in the backdrop, coupled with an elegant design is sure to make for a pleasant Diwali rangoli. Even the simplest design patterns look amazing with the right use of colours.

And here it is! The PASTA Rangoli!

Did you know that you can make a rangoli with Pasta from your kitchen? Yes, you read it right! A quite hatke creative idea, isn’t it? Collect some colourful pasta from your kitchen and TA-DA! You discovered an avant-garde.

Rangoli with Garam Masalas- Bizarre but brilliant!

Yes, you can show your kalakari by using whole spices or garam masalas from your kitchen in your Diwali Rangoli. Sounds out of the way, right? But it turns out really creative. After all, spices come in a number of colours and the variation in shapes and sizes will allow for lot of room for experimentation in pattern.

Go floral with your Rangoli

This idea epitomizes charm and is a clever DIY to save you from getting worn to a frazzle. This bijou in toto is all-embracing, featuring colours, scents and everything beautiful all at one place! Your home’s floor garbed in flowers will look pleasantly aesthetic if you're wise with the colours.

Knock Knock

So, folks! What are you waiting for? You have the tools at home and we've shared some ideas to inspire you, as well! Start preparing your homespun Diwali rangoli.

PS: If you have pets at home, make sure to keep it safe from them so that you can show your kalakaari to your guests for a long, long time.

Wishing you a happy and fun-filled Rangoli making!

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