Gwalior carries out Clean Establishment Survey, ranks city fixtures into 6 categories

Gwalior carries out Clean Establishment Survey, ranks city fixtures into 6 categories

Winners in 6 categories honoured with Symbol of Cleanliness award.

Gwalior Municipal Corporation surveyed several establishments in the city in light of Swacch Survekshan 2022. A total of 304 establishments were registered from 66 wards in the district. After marking these places on the basis of their cleanliness, a Clean Establishment Ranking list was released on Monday, February 28. Ranks were awarded in six different categories, namely clean schools, healthcare institutes, hotels and restaurants, offices, hawkers’ zones, and markets. The Clean Establishment survey was commenced on January 26 and continued for 15 days. Members from the Ward Crisis Management helped in the marking process for these establishments.

An initiative to encourage cleanliness in establishments across Gwalior

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The move came with an attempt to encourage all establishments to maintain cleanliness and practice responsible waste management. As per the announcement by the Municipal Corporation commissioner, establishments in the city include private and public offices, banks, shops, showrooms, restaurants, schools, hospitals etc. These establishments will be given star ratings based on which a state-level ranking list will also be prepared.

Winners were deemed ‘Symbol of Cleanliness’ and were awarded for the same. These establishments will also be nominated for state-level awards by the authorities.

Hotels and Restaurant category:
1-Taj Usha Kiran Palace
2-Hotel Deo Bagh, Bahodapur
3-Hotek Narayanam, Morar
Schools and Colleges:
1-Scinida Kanya Vidyalaya
2-School of Excellence, Morar
3-Gwalior Glory School
Hospitals and Healthcare institutes:
1-Apollo Hospital
2-Super Specialty Hospital
3-Link Hospital
1-Central Library
2-Kotak Mahindra Bank
3-NCC Headquarters
Market places:
1-Nazar Bagh Market
2-Rajiv Plaza
3-Topi Bazaar
Hawker's zone:
1-Intak Maidan
2-Pinto Park

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In addition to this, Ward no. 42 ranked first in the Weekly Ward Swachhata Ranking, with a score of 91.66 out of 100. Whereas a Ward no. 60 stood at the last spot with 52.33 points. Along with ward no. 42, Ward no. 16, 35, 37 and 6 also made it to the list of Top 5 most clean wards.

Meanwhile, the district continues to implement the latest measures with an aim to rank number one in the National Swachhata Survekshan. Notably, the team overlooking the cleanliness drive in the district fined the shopkeepers near 'Tansen' road and Patali Hanuman Mandir for not following the State swachhata guidelines. A total fine of ₹43,550 was collected by the shopkeepers on Monday.

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