Spotted Bournvita's unusual packaging yet? Here's what the iconic 'Forced Packs' campaign is about

Spotted Bournvita's unusual packaging yet? Here's what the iconic 'Forced Packs' campaign is about

Bournvita is now coming in packages that look like toilet cleaners, tissue boxes, soap cases, and so on, in order to send a strong message.

Now it's probably really common if we tell you that in our country, a major percentage of parents are involved in the decisions related to their children's careers, right? It will not come to you as a surprise either, that 82% of Indian parents actually decide their child's future. But how is all of this related to Bournvita and the new packaging, you ask?

Well, this is exactly what led the (healthy) food giant Bournvita to do something aberrant, something that jolts the society into thinking, and what could be more innovative and creative than shaping a Bournvita packaging like a toilet bottle!? Uncanny, right?

Bournvita's new trippy packaging

Bournvita has made a conscious effort to make their bottles look like toilet cleaner bottles, egg cartons, soap boxes, glass cleaners, tissue boxes, cooking oil containers, face cream packs, and ketchup bottles, to send the mere message that Bournvita is no more in the iconic bottle that it used to be or in the shapes and sizes that it was destined to be.

"Career is a family decision in India, not a personal choice," Careernuts points out, and quite aptly, we might add.

All Indian students see themselves becoming, in order to fit into societal expectations and win approval of parents, doctors or engineers. Other "acceptable" career choices incorporate law, teaching, architecture, banks, railways, and so on. God forbid if you wanna become an artiste who's into any kind of art or craft, or more recently, an Instagram influencer! It's laughed upon by even our current generations, forget about our elders. And that is because we're interpellated a certain way.

But, enough of what you already know. Let's talk about how Bournvita is trying to create awareness about our destinies, or is there anything called destiny, after all?

Shocking the society & beyond

We won't step into the philosophical nitty-gritties of destiny and destination, but Bournvita bottles just metamorphosed into something that certainly was not their destiny, and are, at least, completely different from what they were "supposed to be". You see where they are going with this?

The display of these unusual packs at various stores throughout the country shocked people. Customers were seen confused, so to say. Some were concerned about the quality of the product degrading, while others were plain annoyed.

P.S. What you get inside these bottles are "normal" (we say that with hesitance) packets/sachets of Bournvita, so don't you worry about any kind of adulteration or whether you'd have a tough time adjusting to the newness. It's the same, with just the extrinsic change sending a puissant message.

Diverting from the norm

Even though the campaign has gotten mixed reviews, with some people extolling the brand highly for "thinking out of the box" while some criticising the ad of "being senseless", we admire every and all efforts that attempt at bringing positive change in the society!

It might just fail but we're not gonna stop trying, are we?

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