Take a luxurious Char Dham Yatra on a helicopter with Comfort My Travel's VIP deal

Take a luxurious Char Dham Yatra on a helicopter with Comfort My Travel's VIP deal

Who could say no to a lavish trip revolving around luxe hotel stays, chopper, luxury car & private jet services at a holy Char Dham Yatra?

A voyage to the prominent religious pilgrimage sites, flying through the air on a helicopter, navigating through the acknowledged stops amidst lush greenery and panoramic mountains — if the thought enticed you, read on to know how a well planned six days and five nights' trip with Comfort My Travel will give you an indelible Char Dham Yatra!

From setting foot in the land of mythical beauty, Dehradun, to traversing the magical and majestic mountain ranges of the Himalayas, this luxurious trip in the lap of nature is a divine experience one must embark on.

The Char Dham covers four pilgrimage sites sacred to the Hindu religion. It is a common belief amongst devotees that by visiting these holy destinations, one can achieve moksha or salvation.

The detailed itinerary of Char Dham Yatra

Once you reach Dehradun (the starting point), a Comfort My Travel squad will meet you at the entrance, after which your journey of exploring mythical four Dhams — Gangotri, Kedarnath, Badrinath, and Yamunotri — will begin.

From vehicles being arranged for pick and drop, booking of hotel in Dehradun for a relaxing stay, being transferred to the Sahastradhara Helipad in the morning with a helicopter ready, equipped with trained pilot and staff, awaiting you — your itinerary is sorted! From here, you will be briefed and guided for the journey ahead.

A Palki service will be arranged for the trek of 6 kms next day towards the first pilgrimage site, Yamunotri Temple in Uttarkashi, situated atop in Garhwal Himalayas' western region. A holy visit to the Shani Temple is also included in the day's affair.

Day 3 will see your trip to the next dham stop, Gangotri. In merely 45 minutes with the wind blowing in your hair, your helicopter will drop you off at Harsil Helipad, Gangotri. The places that will be covered that day will comprise the Himalayan Nature Resort and Gangotri Temple.

Trust a night bonfire under the widespread starry sky to help your day end as pleasantly as you could imagine.

The final leg of the journey

On day 4, look forward to visiting the pinnacle of beauty and spirituality, Kedarnath from Gangotri. You'd be flown to the cathartic Kedarnath Mandir from the Sersa Helipad and further to the Kedarnath Helipad. Let us draw for you a painting of visual imagery of snow-capped mountains engulfing you from all sides. Seems alluring, does it not?

Once you're through with your darshan, you'd be headed to Guptakashi for a peaceful stay, followed by a tranquil visit to the ancient Kalimath Temple.

Trust day 5 for making you fall in love all over again with the final stop, Badrinath, and its rich treasures of stored history and mythology awaiting you. From Badrinath Helipad, you can lose yourself to the humongous Abhishek Puja arranged for you at the temple by Comfort My Travel.

The day also incorporates a drop by at the venerable and scenic Mana Village, known to be the last Indian village on the Indo-China border.

A trip to remember

With this, your holy circuit of traversing the four dhams will be completed and you'd return to Dehradun on Day 6, bidding adieu to the mesmerising Land of the Lords, the splendid arctic agencies.

And now that you're acquainted with the itinerary and aware of Comfort My Travel's well-planned and organised list of ways to make your trip one to last forever, aren't you enticed to indulge in this lavish trip revolving around luxe hotel stays, high-end chopper, luxury car and private jet services, and a remarkable week to be?

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Take a luxurious Char Dham Yatra on a helicopter with Comfort My Travel's VIP deal
Comfort My Travel's luxury car, chopper & private jet service lets you travel like a VIP

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