The Cigar Smoking World Championship India is a competition for the smokers!

The Cigar Smoking World Championship India is a competition for the smokers!

Are you a cigar enthusiast? Take part in The Cigar Smoking World Championship happening this year in India.

Aspiring Indian cigar enthusiasts can finally scrutinize their capabilities with The Cigar Smoking World Championship (CSWC) being held in India this year. With a passion to cater the ever-growing Cigar market in India, prominent members from The India Cigar Club and CigarKings India Pvt. Ltd have come together and announced the qualifier rounds of the CSWC to be hosted by Mr. Raahuul Kapoor.

Indian qualifiers applications are now being accepted online.

Cigar Smoking World Championship

The Cigar Smoking World Championship is an international competition in slow smoking cigars. The CSWC is a global name in the cigar world, founded 10 years ago. With qualifying events being held in more than 30 countries, the Grand Finale is held every September in Split, Croatia. Rockey Patel in partnership with CSWC, has created a new premium cigar for this year’s smoking competition.

The goal of this competition is to bring together people who share similar passion and lifestyle in the smoking community.

Check out Rockey Patel's website for the rules and regulations while participating in this competition. On the website, you can also see the exciting prizes that can be won at every round.

Competition in the slow smoking of cigars

This is pegged to be a slow smoking competition. Here, participants compete in how slowly they can smoke their cigar, with time penalties for breaking their ash or burning the cigar band, among other things. The participant whose cigar takes the longest to finish will be declared the winner.

Mr. Raahuul Kapoor announced, "With prizes from a selection of the leading cigar and cigar accessories brands including Rocky Patel, Les Fines Lames, and S.T. Dupont, this year's competition promises to be a corker."

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