This was the warmest February in India since 1901; Hotter summer to follow

This was the warmest February in India since 1901; Hotter summer to follow

Chances of heat wave in parts of central India starting from March.

This February was the warmest in India has witnessed in the past 122 years, seeing the average maximum temperature hovering 1.73 degrees above normal while the minimum temperature being 0.81 degrees above normal. Most parts of north and northwest India and some areas of central India experienced above normal temperature, IMD officials said in a press briefing. This is a sure shot sign of global warming, and we must be vigilant of it.

IMD predicts above normal temperatures between March-May

The month of March, which is traditionally considered to be the month of transition as winter makes way for summer, is expected to witness above normal maximum temperatures in most parts of the country. Only peninsular India can take a sigh of relief, being the only region in the country predicted to witness normal or below normal maximum temperatures.

Furthermore, IMD has also predicted below average rainfall in most regions of India including west central India, northwest India and parts of northeastern and eastern India. Again, peninsular India is expected to fair well in this regard with normal or above normal rainfall expected in the region.

Are we heading for an even hotter 2023?

It is noteworthy that 2022 was the fifth warmest year India had experienced since 1901 with average temperature reported to be 0.51 degrees above normal. And if the forecasts by Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) turn out to be accurate, Indians might witness an even hotter 2023.

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