Tricolour-themed dishes to movie marathons; 5 creative ways to celebrate Independence Day 2023

Tricolour-themed dishes to movie marathons; 5 creative ways to celebrate Independence Day 2023

Give your I-Day celebrations a unique twist!

Remember the good ol' days? We used to buy flags and watch patriotic movies with family every Independence Day. Admittedly, those things don't seem as fun to us as they used to. And that's why we've come up with a list of 5 ways to celebrate Independence Day 2023, just a little DIFFERENTLY. So, with love for the country we call home, let's explore these unique celebration ideas!

Visit historical monuments in your city

What better way to celebrate Independence Day than to learn about those who fought to achieve it? Luckily, every Indian city has made a stellar contribution to the country's liberation. So, take your buddies and visit the many historical monuments in your city.

Call it a stroll down history lane or an "Independence Day-themed heritage walk", you'll surely get to hear some amazing tales about the brave souls that sacrificed their lives.

Host a private patriotic film screening with your buddies

From informative documentaries to commercial blockbusters, India has a never-ending list of patriotic films. They're all fun to watch and infuse us with a sense of patriotism. But you know what will be a lot more fun? When you watch this high-energy movie with your best buddies.

So, make use of the national holiday. Call your buddies over, stock up on snacks, and sit together for a patriotic movie marathon this Independence Day.

Organise a small plantation with your friends and family

We love our country for a number of reasons but also because it's simply HOME. But so is our planet and the love for our nation must also lead us to love the planet we live in. And conducting a mini plantation drive in your neighborhood can be the perfect way to show that love.

So, get together with your neighbours, friends, and family and a plant sapling each, for a better future for the nation and the planet.

Get crafty with a tricolor rangoli

For those of you bitten by the art & craft bug, Independence Day can be the perfect occasion to get the creative juices flowing again. Here, we're suggesting a nice tricolor rangoli but there's a lot more you can do. You can spend the day sketching portraits of freedom fighters or paint Independence Day theme works.

So, pick up that brush or your craft kit that's eating dust for months and get crafty this I-Day.

Prepare a tricolor-themed lunch

Everything is based on the tricolour theme on Independence Day, isn't it? So, why not your I-Day food? Like in the picture above, you can also prepare a tricolour-themed lunch this I-Day, to celebrate in a super-unique way. Apart from that, these colourful dishes will also give you some Insta-worthy clicks to show your love for India on social media with a creative twist.

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