Union Health Ministry forms task force to monitor Monkeypox cases in India

Union Health Ministry forms task force to monitor Monkeypox cases in India

Read on to know more about the guidelines released by the Union Health Ministry

In a bid to improve the monitoring of Monkeypox cases in India, the Union Health Ministry has instituted a task force that will be responsible for ensuring proper checks on initiatives taken by the authorities. This step has come right after a death was reported in Kerela. The number of cases are also on a rise in the country. The move by the union govt thus is of utmost importance in order to control the spread.

Task force to monitor contact tracing and more

So far, India has reported as many as 4 confirmed monkeypox cases, of which 3 are from Kerala, 1 from Delhi and 1 suspected case from Andhra Pradesh. Reportedly, the task force will be tasked to carry out various procedures to track down such cases and speedy response.

It will also provide guidance to the government on expanding diagnostic facilities and exploring vaccination for the infection. The move is aimed to curb the spread by taking necessary actions in a specified time interval. With the help of the task force, a data set will also be created that will help in keeping track of the confirmed as well as suspected Monkeypox cases.

Recently, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) also issued an open call for monkeypox vaccine development proposals from commercial businesses with an aim to safeguard those that are at risk.

The task force will be headed by Dr V.K. Paul, NITI Aayog, and Secretary, Union Health Ministry, Pharma and Biotech. As of now, the global monkeypox outbreak has seen over 22,000 cases in nearly 80 countries since May. There have been more than 75 suspected deaths in Africa, mainly in Nigeria and Congo, where a more lethal form of monkeypox is spreading than in the West.

What can you do to avoid getting infected?

Recently, the Union Health Ministry released a fresh set of guidelines to tackle the Monkeypox outbreak that has now been declared a Public Health Emergency by the World Health Organisation. Here's what you can do to save yourselves from catching the Monkeypox virus.

  • If you are an international passenger with recent travel history, you should avoid close contact with sick people, contact with dead or live wild animals and others.

  • If there is an outbreak around your area, or you have information about a patient with Monkeypox-like symptoms, avoid contact, stay inside and wear a mask.

  • Reportedly, alcohol-based sanitisers work efficiently in the case of monkeypox as well.

  • As per a study by WHO, from sex between similar gender to body fluid transfer, monkeypox spreads through a varied range of transmissions.

  • As soon as you witness rashes and fever, report to the helpline number available on the health ministry portal.

For more details, check the guidelines released by Union Health Ministry.

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